TJ Oshie Out Indefinitely. Par, meet course.

UPDATE: According to Blues GM Doug Armstrong, Oshie is out for three months after ankle surgery. So, well, yay. From The Hockey News: Blues’ T.J. Oshie sidelined indefinitely with fractured left ankle 2010-11-11 15:02:00 ST. LOUIS – T.J. Oshie, one of the St. Louis Blues’ top forwards, will be out indefinitely with a fractured left […]

And Another Blue Bites The Dust.

I refuse to recognize that there was a game tonight, but I can’t refuse to recognize that TJ Oshie has a broken ankle and it requires surgery. So, for those of you playing along at home, the IR is looking like this: David Perron – concussion TJ Oshie – broken ankle Carlo Colaiacovo – concussion […]

“Taking The Body” Or “Being TJ Oshie?”

Like it? Buy one from RinaWear. Taking the body is one of the most important aspects of hockey – you have to knock the opponent off the puck and create turnovers and chances to move up-ice. It’s not all about seeing if you can kill someone (though that’s really fun in NHL11, especially if you’re […]

No Matter Who Is In Net, Blues Win Again.

Some fun stats: The Blues are currently leading the NHL’s standings at 20 points with the fewest games played out of the three other 20 point teams 9-1-2 is the best franchise 12 game start ever St. Louis is on a 7 game winning streak The Blues have the best winning percentage in the NHL […]

Scoring On Marty Turco For Dummies

In retrospect, I should have posted this yesterday afternoon so the Thrashers could have studied it. As someone who has watched St. Louis light Turco up repeatedly, I’ve found the “top secret” (read: everyone knows it apparently but the Thrashers) way to score on Marty Turco. He’s often times out of position, laying prone on […]

Allow me to crow a bit…

But gosh golly, look at what my boys have accomplished (as of 11:00 Eastern on November 4th):   Fruit basket is on the way, Montreal.

Regarding that Bleacher Report “Backes to the Leafs” Rumor…

I don’t go seeking out Bleacher Report articles. They tend to come to me, in my daily St. Louis Blues and Atlanta Thrashers e-mail alerts from Google News. For those who don’t know, Google News’ e-mail alerts (very handy, BTW), come split into three categories: news, blogs, and web. My little site gets picked up, […]

Just got the new NHL catalogue today…

First off, please allow me to say thank you for the stellar representation of the Thrashers (a Reebok youth Face-Off Option 3-in-1 T-shirt combo!) and the Blues (a beer coozie and a keychain) in this season’s catalogue. You know, fans of these teams might’ve wanted to purchase gifts for friends and family. And now we […]

The Silent Jay for Selke Campaign: Now with statistics!

Brian,also known as the one man band that is the St. Louis Blues Prospect Department on St. Louis Game Time, compiled some stats into chart form that were collected by fellow Game Timer icion which make a good argument for why passing McClement over for the Selke is a mistake. Basically, they compare Jay to […]

Thrashers At Blues: Uhoh. It’s that time again.

I obviously love both the Thrashers and Blues. I’ve been going to Thrashers games since the very first game, and hold season tickets. But there’s one time a year where I wear a different jersey to Philips, and there’s another time a year where I invade a gameday thread and talk smack about Atlanta. Today […]

Buffy The Sabre Slayer Has Won Me Over

Actual Reenactment. I disliked Dustin Byfuglien when he was on the Blackhawks. Not necessarily because he wasn’t a good player – more because he is, and how damn self assured he is about it. Drove me insane. He’s the personification of the type of player who annoys the hell out of you when he’s on […]

Blues and Thrashers Rank Low In Social Media Use

I’ve long wondered why the Blues and Thrashers don’t have a huger (yes, that’s a word now) presence in social media as far as the numbers go. I know neither team has the huge market fanbase of, say, a Toronto or Montreal. I also realize that since the advent of social media like Twitter and […]

Power Rankings: Holy Crap, TSN Thinks the Blues Are #2.

Yeah, all the way up at numero dos, behind only the Detroit Red Wings. In proof that power rankings never follow the league standings, the current league leader in points, the Nashville Predators (!!), is at number three on TSN’s list.  The Thrashers, well, they’re back in familiar territory at number 22. Not low enough […]