Are The Thrashers Cup Contenders?

Ok, it’s too early to discuss this, which is why it’s appropriate for’s series on why any team can win the Cup is appropriately timed. No team’s out of it statistically yet, and no team has shown themselves to be an epic ball of failure yet either (no, not even the Islanders – they […]

What the eff is going on with the St. Louis Blues?

Yeah, sorry, this happened last year. God has an unwritten rule that both of my teams are not allowed to play good, quality, consistant hockey at the same time. Once the Thrashers began their six game win streak, the Blues had to fall off the wagon, going 3-4 during the same stretch that the Thrashers […]

Thrashers Being Recognized For Great Play

The Thrashers concluded a six game homestand that showed what the team was capable of, and amazingly enough, it was a lot. It was a five game winning streak. It was outscoring the defeated opponents 19-3. It was taking out some of the best teams in the league – Washington, Detroit, Montreal, and Boston. It […]

I’ve Invaded Something’s Bruin!

Sarah of Something’s Bruin was nice enough to ask me to participate in their Ten Questions with the Other Side feature. Make sure to check it out! Also, today’s the first bloggers’ day for the Thrashers, so I’ll be down there doing whatever it is that I do. Keep up with today’s StoryStream over at […]

Zach Bogosian Tries To Get P.K. Subban To Man Up

This is how absolutely hard-headed P.K. Subban is. After getting called out by Mike Richards of the Philadelphia Flyers for having little respect for the older players of the game, Subban seems to have been on a mission to get his ass handed to him on a plate. The young rookie defenseman apparently has confused […]

A Quick Look At Playoff Point Projections

…via my friend Ryan Classic and his blog, because I could never crunch any kind of number. Ever. Moral of the story? Western Conference is next to impossible yet again this season, and the Thrashers might only need 86 points to make the playoffs. Be thankful for parity, Thrasher fans.

Is Alex Burmistrov Atlanta’s Answer To David Perron?

I tend to compare the Thrashers and the Blues quite a bit. Other than the fact that they’re my two favorite teams, there have been some shocking similarities over the years: wonky weird goaltending, a solid youth movement, a future to look forward to, lots of alcohol consumption by the fans… the list is endless. […]

Andrew Ladd Named New Thrashers Captain

Sometimes I forget that when I write things for SBNation Atlanta, they don’t magically appear here. Anyway, Andrew Ladd has been named Thrashers captain, and Tobias Enstrom and Dustin Byfuglien are the Alternate Captains for this season. Bully for them! Frankly, I’ve been quietly wondering why Toby hasn’t been an A for about the past […]

I know most of them are Swedish, but good lord.

In Sweden, the average hockey uniform looks like this: Sexy stuff, Sheldon. It’s like if grape Bazooka were a NASCAR driver. A decent chunk of the members of the Detroit Red Wings are Swedish, so they’re used to having ads all over their professional sports team jerseys. In America, the minor leagues have sponsors because […]

Blues Stumblin’, Crumblin’

The last few games haven’t been pleasant for the Blues. Obviously. Aside from tonight’s 6-3 drubbing at the hands of the Avalanche, which saw Petro gimp away shaken up, they lost 5-3 in Phoenix Saturday night, lost 3-2 in a shootout to Nashville, and then got their asses handed to them 8-1 on Wednesday. Oh, […]

Wait, who beat the Thrashers last night?

Caught this link to Homer McFanboy today on PuckDaddy’s Puck Headlines. Apparently Michal Neuvirth is the exact same person as Bjork. Hm. Well, at least we didn’t have to deal with this last night. His goaltending didn’t make sense – I can’t imagine if it were Bjork in goal – it’d probably make even less: […]

Ok, So the All-Star Ballot Sucks.

I’m not going to whine too much about there only being two members of the Blues and two of the Thrashers up there, because both teams fly under the radar and didn’t make the playoffs last year (and obviously this season’s ballot was all about the playoffs *coughNiemicough*). I am beyond happy with Enstrom and […]

Bryan Little To Play Tomorrow Against Pittsburgh Penguins

Actual positive injury related news. It does exist! Like Santa, or talking giant M&Ms. Anyway, Bryan Little’s set to make his return from his concussion and facial lacerations sustained against Buffalo on October 29th. The Thrashers have won only two of those six games that he’s missed, so to say that Bryan Little isn’t an […]

Blues Re-Sign David Backes To A Five Year Deal

Just announced by the team, the Blues have re-signed star power-forward David Backes (also known as Chuck Norris’s hero) to a five year, $4.5-ish million a season contract extension. It had been reported that negioations had stalled, which of course led to all sorts of Bleacher Report spectulation. Well, BR, wrong again, eh? David Backes […]