Walton County: Where Is That Again?

In an olive branch to everyone from Winnipeg, I am now going to mock the state that I live in. See? I’m EQUAL OPPORTUNITY (although I still maintain that I’ve never made fun of Winnipeg, ever. You must have me lumped in with my editor at SBNATL). Walton County: Where We Haven’t Done Anything, But […]

Blues/NHL Release 2011-2012 Schedule

Get ready to look a hell of a lot more pooped, Teej. Happy NHL Schedule Day, everyone! I (unlike everyone else in the NHL, apparently) am going to ignore when St. Louis plays the Winnipeg NHL (no, really, that’s what they’re called on the schedule) and look at the actual Blues’ schedule. The Blues’ site […]

Blues Re-Sign Chris Porter, Shore Up Reinforcements

John Davidson apparently doesn’t listen to my suggestions well. I tossed out Matt D’Agostini as the next free agent that the Blues should look into signing… he signs Chris Porter to a one year, two way contract. Porter wound up playing 45 games with St. Louis despite being an AHL caliber forward. He scored three goals and four […]

Blues Sign Nikita Nikitin To One Year Deal

Oh, good. Another season of making pointless “Little Nicky” jokes. Ok, I know that I said that re-signing Matt D’Agostini should probably be the next RFA signing that the Blues cover, but this one’s pretty ok too. Nikita Nikitin was one of the many (many) emergency defensive call-ups that the Blues had to rely on […]

Blues Continue To Show Common Sense, Remind Me Why They’re My Favorite Team

Five more years of helmet farts! I’ve taken an unfortunate break from Blues blogging, what with all of the madness that are Thrashers relocation rumors.  Common sense has gone out the window surrounding the Thrashers/Winnipeg Whatevers – not that the franchise ever had any to begin with. People telling Thrashers fans to “get over it” […]

Next Step – Petition the Board of Governors

Now that the sale’s final, the alcohol’s been drunk at various wakes around the city last night, and we’ve all woken up this morning to the prospect of a hockey-free Atlanta market, the Thrashers’ fans have to figure out what to do next. The sale might be final – but it – and the relocation […]

Ticket Prices In the ‘Peg.

Ok, I lied. One more thing. The Winnipeg team (whatever they are) need to sell 13,000 season tickets to show the Board of Governors that they’re a viable market. Stands to reason. Look at the prices: My Thrashers season tickets are in the equivilant of section 111. They are $999 a year here in Atlanta. […]

Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night

I’m too upset (UPSET, people – not drunk. Yet) to function, so no mourning post here. Instead, a press release!   PRESS RELEASE It‟s Not Over: Social Media Keeps the Hope for Thrashers Alive Atlanta, May 31, 2011: When young businessmen believe that keeping the Atlanta Thrashers NHL franchise in Atlanta is in the best […]