St. Louis Blues Depth Chart

For handy reference, here’s the depth chart for the St. Louis Blues. The first Blues’ depth chart is via Note please that it is based on salary, not ability. Also, positions are their roster positions, not where Coach Ken Hitchcock might place them. This depth chart is the accepted one for now by Yahoo! […]

Thoughts On the NHL12 Demo

Got a chance to download the NHL12 demo last night… little mini-NHL video game Christmas, as it were. The franchise’s hit the point where it’s not about innovation anymore; it’s about tweaks to things that already work. The game itself just feels and looks more polished than NHL11, which is saying something, considering how sharp […]

It’s a Buyer’s Market for the Blues

I am not Laura. Do they make cologne in bottles big enough to cover an entire franchise? If so, someone please send a couple of vats to Dave Checketts, so he can try to cover up the scent of desperation as he seeks a buyer for the St. Louis Blues. Checketts’ search for a new […]

Puck Pies: Ich Bin Ein Soft Pretzel!

I go to Johnnie MacCracken’s pub a lot. Those who follow me on Twitter know this, and those who know me peronally realize that if I have a bad day, I will probably be at the pub in downtown Marietta, GA. I spent lots – like occasional 12 hour days – there during the Thrashers’ […]

Gwinnett Braves Set Up A Hockey Day Event

A lot of hockey fans aren’t baseball fans, just based on the natures of the two sports. That’s understandable, but count me firmly in the baseball fan category. Perfect way to spend a summer weekend afternoon – beer, munchies, and lounging about. Not to mention the strategy facinates me – I’ve put up with Tony […]

If There Is One NHL 2010-2011 Highlight Reel Video…

… you watch, it has to be this one. It’s gorgeous. Few shots of David Backes being all captainly, lots of amazing goals and saves and highlights, and an amazing ending. For whatever reason, as upset as I was on June first, as torn up as I was watching the draft… this video really, really […]

Predators Continue Wooing Thrashers Fans

I have absolutely nothing but nice stuff to say about Nashville Predators fans. The times that they’ve come to Phiips Arena – individually or as a Cell Block 303 road trip – they’ve been super polite, nice, and just really really fun to sit around. Heck, they even shook hands and said “great game” after […]

The Kubler-Ross Model For Thrashers Fans: Stages To Skip

I don’t. The pain and heartache that Thrashers fans feel won’t go away any time soon, nor should it. To take the team and toss it in the bin is unfair. That was our team, and it was upsetting to watch this market get drug through the mud by Canadian news outlets as a poor […]

The Cheechoo Express Has Arrived At Union Station

Off season’s hard… not too much happens with the Blues generally, and considering that my other team’s dead so I can’t mock their off-season moves like I used to, well… there shan’t be a ton of off-kilter, “can’t post these anywhere else!” posts. It’s just not that entertaining to be a Blues fan in the […]

Blues GM Doug Armstrong Reads My Blog

Literally about 15 minutes after I posted yesterday whining about how the Blues’ free agent moves, while ok, weren’t groundbreaking, the team goes and signs Jason Arnott and Jamie Langenbrunner. Think the Blues’re excited?  Naah. Anywho, I’m very happy with Arnott’s acquisition. It’s been a bit since he’s played a full season, but he’s still […]

Blues’ Free Agency Signings Aren’t Cutting It

I wrote this as a response to a post that Brad made over on St. Louis Game Time that basically perfectly summarized the Blues’ off-season: cheap. I figured it was such a good (and long) comment that hey, why not post here, too? That, and it’s summer and the off-season isn’t giving me much motivation […]

Is There Anything Better Than A Sports Cartoon?

I’m a big fan of political cartoons. More so when they involve sports. Mr. Gary Finkler’s started up his own personal website, 7th Inning Sketch, with some pretty solid stuff up there from all sports – not just baseball. He whipped up this one on the Winnipeg/Atlanta situation, and I think it’s pretty accurate. If […]