Puck Pies Archives: May 3, 2010 – Canadian-Asian Fusion FTW!

I know I’ve gotten gonzo with the recipes recently, but when I’m bored, I cook, and I’ve been bored a lot recently.  Wait for the summer… I go into full nesting mode and bake bread.  It’s not pretty.

Anywho, Vancouver’s known for their awesome Asian fusion food, since it’s so close to Japan and other Asian nations.  Vancouver is also known for pretty damn good seafood, so I figured I’d combine the two.  This is another “no measurement” thing, but really, it’s all about taste.

For some really good Asian/Thai/Whatever mussels, it takes about 10 minutes.  Seriously.

Woo!  I can grow a playoff beard too!


Grab a bottle of clam juice, 2lbs mussels, a fresh lemon, some lemongrass, mirin (a Chinese cooking wine), and fish sauce at the store.  Also invest in a bottle of white wine, partially to cook with and partially to drink.  While you’re there, get one red or green chili pepper and some green onions to dice up and toss in.

Combine the whole bottle of clam juice, a diced chili pepper, some lemongrass (1 tsp. dried or a half-bunch of fresh) about 3-4 chopped up green onions, 1 cup of white wine, and a half cup of mirin in a mussel pan, or a large thick skillet with a lid.  Bring to a boil, and then turn down to medium high heat and let cook for a while, stirring occasionally to let the flavors mix.  If you’d like, squirt a squirt or two of fish sauce in.  It’s common in Thai food, and it’s actually really good on rice and such.  It’s significantly lighter than soy sauce and adds a good kick.

While you’re getting the flavors all mingled, check the mussels for any dead-uns.  If you tap them hard, and they don’t close, discard them.  Also, find any beards on them and get rid of them.  It’s unappetizing to have to clean them as you eat.  I know it’s the playoffs, but not everything needs a beard.

Anywho, once you have them cleaned, toss them in with everything else and cover to steam.  At the longest, you should have to steam them about five minutes, but just double check and make sure they’re all open and then they’re done – they’re like their very own turkey pop-up timers.  Serve with some crusty garlic bread and white wine – or maybe some fizzy sake.

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