Puck Pies: A Doughnut By Any Other Name…

Ok, a few reasons why I chose today’s selecton. 1) Drew Doughty plays for the Kings, and his nickname is “Doughnuts.” 2) I’m happy he’s out (not that he’s hurt, but that the Blues don’t have to worry about him – I’d ather no one be injured). 3) LA has a large Hispanic population. 4) I don’t do nearly enough dessert on here.

I enjoy something sweet once in a blue moon. Usually my snack of choice is a Cadbury candy bar, like a Crunchie specifically, but I have an affinity for doughnuts. I could, quite possibly, live on them until my heart gave out. Cream filled, custard filled, cake, glazed, iced – you name it. Growing up as a little kid and getting fresh doughnuts from the bakery has made me into a bit of a snob, but I’m never, never above a field trip to Dunkin Donuts. Ever.

Today’s Puck Pies is the Spanish version of the wonderful concept of fried dough: the churro. These are easy, but a couple things first – wear an apron in case of oil splatters and you should have a piping bag with a large star tip to get the distinctive churro shape.

These’ll make about 3 dozen or so – invite some friends over.


1 cup water
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter
6 tablespoons sugar, divided
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 eggs
Vegetable oil for frying
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon


Place water, butter, 2 tablespoons sugar and salt in medium saucepan; bring to a boil over high heat. Remove from heat; add flour. Beat with spoon until dough forms ball and releases from side of pan. Vigorously beat in eggs, 1 at a time, until mixture is smooth. Spoon dough into pastry bag fitted with large star tip. Pipe 3X1-inch strips onto waxed-paper-lined baking sheet. Freeze 20 minutes.

Pour vegetable oil into 10-inch skillet to 3/4-inch depth. Heat oil to 375°F. Transfer frozen dough to hot oil with large spatula. Fry 4 or 5 churros at a time until deep golden brown, 3 to 4 minutes, turning once. Remove churros with slotted spoon to paper towels; drain.

Combine remaining 4 tablespoons sugar with cinnamon. Place in paper bag. Add warm churros, 1 at a time; close bag and shake until churros is coated with sugar mixture. Remove to wire rack. Repeat with remaining sugar mixture and churros; cool completely. Store tightly covered at room temperature or freeze up to 3 months.

A special treat is melted chocolate for dipping. Get a double boiler, break up a dark chocolate bar (I suggest Green and Black’s Maya Gold Mexican style – not sweet, but it has orange and spices in it and it’s amazing). Put the chocolate in the top of the double boiler and WATCH IT closely so it doesn’t burn. Add a tiny bit of milk and stir to create a dipping sauce, and enjoy!

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Laura Astorian is the head editor for the SB Nation blog St. Louis Game Time and has been a Blues fan from childhood. She promises that any anti-Blackhawks bias will be left at the door. Maybe.