The St. Louis Blues have a Pinterest page?

I noticed that, while I was looking at the Blues’ draft picks’ profiles, the Blues have quite the number of social network mediums covered. Instagram? Check. Facebook? Duh. Foursquare? Of course. The one that stood out the most, though, is the one where a vast majority of users are female and posting links to craft […]

A hosting suggestion for next year’s NHL Awards

I understand totally why the NHL chose to not have a host for the 2012 NHL Awards. Why concentrate all of the terrible jokes and awkward pauses on just one person when you can make several people unfunny instead?  In all honesty they need a host. While watching the red carpet show yesterday, I noticed […]

Handicapping the NHL Awards

Tomorrow night brings us the 2012 NHL Awards, which are commonly referred to as the most awkward professional sports awards show in existence. Nickelback? Oh, goodie. And two performances, you say?  Sign me up.  Seriously, though, despite the sad fact that Jon Hamm will not be a presenter, there are plenty of Blues ties to […]

The Story of the Goat That Almost Wasn’t

  Photo credit: some dude on Twitter. If it’s you, hit me up and I’ll give you credit. After the Kings poured in three goals on a five-minute power play in the first period of Game 6 to effectively clinch the Cup, I could only think about one thing: this didn’t have to happen. The five-minute […]

Congrats to the 2012 Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings

Congrats to the Kings, who just won the 2012 Stanley Cup. Special congrats to The Royal Half, who’s been waiting for this for a veeeery long time. In case you’re wondering why a Blues fan is congratulating fans of the only other team that was part of the 1967 expansion who hadn’t won a cup […]

Ilya Kovalchuk and Thrashers fans in the Stanley Cup Final.

Ilya Kovalchuk didn’t leave the Thrashers on the greatest terms back in February of 2010. It was a forgone conclusion that he was gone, and it frustrated fans of the Thrashers because of his platitudes all season long. He talked the talk of wanting to stay here, and then poof. Off to New Jersey. Lots of fans, myself included, were […]

If the Red Wings can’t get Ryan Suter, will they go for Barret Jackman?

Barret Jackman upon hearing that Detroit might be interested in signing him. Ned Kuflan of the Detroit News has an interesting proposition for fans of the Red Wings: if you can’t get star defenseman Ryan Suter during the free agent frenzy, Barret Jackman’d do in a pinch.  Are Suter and Jackman comparable? Absolutely not – […]

Potential job titles for Brett Hull

St. Louis Blues hockey great Brett Hull is going to be a member of Tom Stillman’s front office somehow. Doing what, we’re not really sure, but he’ll be working for the franchise that most hockey fans remember him playing for. Yeah, yeah, Cups in Dallas and Detroit, but individual records were set while a member […]

Musings on the Blues’ season and the playoffs

Yeah, this is a pretty good summary of that last series. Hi there. You might remember me from such blogs as SB Nation St. Louis, Puck Drunk Love, and St. Louis Game Time. Sometimes, I even post here. You know, on the blog that I own. Apologies for the slowness in posts, six loyal readers. […]

A “how to” guide to coping if the Blues get swept.

I would like to see none of this tomorrow afternoon. Please. For dignity’s sake, please. Believe it or not, I’m not writing this as my usual eternal pessimist self. I’m writing this as a realist: the Blues stand a very good chance of ending their season on a four game losing streak and being eliminated […]

Alex Pietrangelo victim of a nasty board, status uncertain. Great.

Of course this happens in game one. And, of course the call gets botched: fsSWSWt_rbU[/youtube] Yes, that’s blood running down Alex Pietrangelo’s throat, and yes, that was Dwight King doing something that should have necessitated a five minute major and a game misconduct. I think I’ve been pretty consistent all year long (regardless of […]

The Blues, jinxes, and you.

Brad has more on this abomination at St. Louis Game Time. Please don’t buy this shirt. It’s not only a jinx, it’s fugly. Round two of the Stanley Cup Finals begins tonight for the Blues, as they square off against the Los Angeles Kings (note: head to The Royal Half for the opposition’s take on […]