Lokomotiv a year later

Retrospectives and anniversaries of tragedies are hard for me to write on. Tragedies themselves find me at a loss of words, but to ask how I feel a year or so after one happens just seems to make the words come out clunkier. I know that I write because I’m a terrible verbal communicator, but […]

A word of explanation over the Thrashers Essentials

Hi, all. You’ve probably seen my half of the Atlanta Thrashers/Winnipeg Jets 1.0 Essentials post over at Puck Daddy that I co-wrote with Drew Mindell of Illegal Curve. There are parts of it that you will agree with, and parts that you don’t. Maybe your favorite arena food was the Nutella crepes (that was #2 for me). […]

The Hockey News picks the Blues to win the West? Seriously?

Pre-season predictions don’t mean much to me. Some dude looking at last year’s standings, looking at each team’s off-seasons, trying to figure out who’s going to win each conference… it’s just opinion. It’s even more fantastic when you’re thinking about this season, which will probably be either lockout-shortened or just lost altogether. Now, just because […]

Tackiest Blues Apparel Ever

So, it’s August. There’s a lockout looming around the corner, the Blues haven’t done diddly squat, and hockey news is slim. This is the time of the year that I like the least, because I get to either do one of two things: not write because there’s nothing to write on or I can pull […]

The Stanley Cup… in Kirkwood, MO?

This is what passes for news in August. Seriously. The Stanley Cup was in Kirkwood, MO on Monday to presumably remind fans that the Kings plowed over the Blues in the Stanley Cup playoffs en route to their first franchise Cup. A “ha ha you don’t have one and we do” moment, I suppose. Actually, […]

Can we please stop the Halak vs. Elliott questions?

Calm down, people. They’re both good. Okay, I know that everybody is still hung up on who the better blues goaltender is: Jaroslav Halak or Brian Elliott. It’s a valid question, but one that probably needs to be laid to rest seeing as how the Blues consider both of their goaltenders to be starters. Sure, […]

A moment of silence for Rick Nash.

Well, ok, not for Rick Nash himself, or the current situation he finds himself in as a new member of the New York Rangers. Heck, no moment of silence necessary for the Columbus Blue Jackets, since they got some good pieces back. No, Blues fans. I think everyone here knows what the moment of silence […]

Cam Janssen’s apology still doesn’t fix things for the Devils

Cam kind of has a lot to apologize for, really. Cam Janssen needed to apologize for his comments on the Thom and Jeff Show. They were terribly unprofessional, and as I was explaining to someone on Twitter last night, when you’re the representative of multi-million dollar businesses like the Devils and the NHL, you need […]

Cam Janssen opens mouth, embarrasses self with classless comments

You know, I never really disliked Cam Janssen while he was on the Blues. Did I think some of his hits could have been a bit cleaner? Duh. Do I think that he’s a meathead? Sure, but the sound clips that the Blues fans were treated to were those of the “lovable meathead” variety. Just […]

The many faces of B.J. Crombeen

Sadly, B.J. Crombeen’s four year time in St. Louis has come to a conclusion. The Blues’ve dealt him to the Tampa Bay Lightning (along with a fifth round pick) for Tampa Bay’s fourth-rounders in this and next year’s draft. Beener might not’ve gotten the Blues much as far as a trade return goes, but he […]

Blues and Cardinals synergy is a welcome sight.

This is one of those “better late than never” posts, I suppose. I’ve noticed this for a while and I’ve commented about it a few times on Twitter in the past month or so, but the synergy between the Blues and Cardinals, especially the FoxSports Midwest broadcasts, is something to behold.  Some folks disliked the […]

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

About a year or so ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Canucks blogger Dani Toth from Benched Whale. We talked about our respective favorite franchises, and she asked what I thought of the Blues’ future. My honest answer: the Blues had a lot of exciting young talent, but did not possess the financial muscle to […]

Dancin’ Junior Thrasher Goalie Is Greatest YouTube Video Ever

Ok, no, that’s hyperbole… the one I watched yesterday featuring a basket full of kittens probably is. However, this video was featured on Puck Daddy today and made me laugh my ass off. If you’re having a bad day and just need a laugh, this is for you. http://youtube.com/watch?v= 1Myx16WkjNE[/youtube] Also, he drops quicker than […]