Fan boycotts won’t work, so save yourselves the irritation

    I know most of us are still, at the very least, irritated that the NHL's still locked out. I miss the Blues very much. As I've mentioned before, watching the AHL, KHL, and ECHL just isn't the same as watching a team I've loved for over 20 years, and this lockout can end […]

Brett Hull on the lockout

This isn’t about this lockout, it’s about the previous one in 2004-2005. You remember the one — the one shortly before Brett Hull retired with the Phoenix Coyotes. No, no, no. Seriously. He was with the ‘Yotes, remember? Here:     Told you he played for them. Anyways, Hullie made a stop over at Weekend […]

Need proof that the NHL’s lockout needs to end?

This was up on the Blues’ Facebook page a few days ago: Really? My favorite Jeff Brown memory is that I have his autograph somewhere and that he was good on NHL ’94. Also, he had lots of assists. God, please let this Lockout end at some point or another so teams have something to […]

Thrashers fans, hockey fans, please try to help

I normally don’t do things like this, but this is a dire situation. A member of the Atlanta Thrashers fan community, Tammy Adcock, has gone through immasurable tragedy the past several weeks. Her husband, Brandy, passed away on October 30th due to a stroke, and then the very next night their home burnt to the […]

Why David Backes is the perfect sopkesman for the CBA struggle

As the NHL’s lockout drags on, and as more and more CBA offers get shot down or dismissed as nothingness by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, you’re going to see players in the press more. They all have their opinions regarding the lockout, the negotiations (or lack therof), the commish, and the whole situation. Some of […]

NHL cancels first two weeks of season; here’s your stress relief.

We’re all upset that the NHL has cancelled the first two weeks of the season. It’s no shock, but it still is a tough pill to swallow.  Here’s your stress relief, folks. Print it out, attach it to something, and have fun. Potato gun? Darts? Spitballs? Use whatever you’d like. And yes, I know this […]

MLB Wild Card celebration: a hockey perspective

I’m a hockey fan, obviously. I’m also a Cardinals fan — they’re my first sports love, and while I might first and foremost consider hockey my favorite sport, the Cards are my favorite team. I’ve written here before how hockey’s allowed me to appreciate the Cardinals’ World Series wins. The Blues’ve never won the Cup, […]

Patrik Berglund to play with Västerås HK

No one has ever said that Google Translate is perfect. In fact, it usually churns out some of the best butcheries of two different languages at once. Needless to say that wit the NHL lockout underway, players are heading overseas and people are trying to read press releases on foreign websites. It’s nothing less than […]

St. Louis Blues’ website is a player-free zone

Let’s face it: the lockout’s only a few days old, and already it sucks. What more reminder can we need? Well, as our friends at The Pensblog found out, the NHL’s team pages are as blank as blank can be when it comes to members of the NHLPA. While not as blank as the Pens’ […]

NHL lockout is happening whether the fans like it or not

It’s nice to be loved, isn’t it? All of a sudden, hockey fans are the center of PR messages from the league and spiffy videos from the NHLPA (featuring David Backes!) explaining why people won’t be going to any pre-season games this month, or NHL hockey games in general for quite some time. RCW0VsfR9FM[/youtube]  […]

Red Wings sign Carlo Colaoacovo. Thank God, it could have been Barret Jackman

It’s always difficult to see a player, especially one that’s been productive over the course of the last four seasons, leave in unrestricted free agency. It’s one of those facts of life, though. Sometimes a team wants to go in one direction, sometimes they’d be happy sticking status quo but the status isn’t quo-ing, and […]