Puck Pies: In Honor Of New Blues Coach Ken Hitchcock…

Ok, I don’t even know if he’s had it before, but this seems like something that he’ll find out about sooner or later. Gooey Butter Cake. Awww, yeah. The St. Louis dessert that is so rich you can have about one square before you get ill, but in a goooood way. From Wikipedia, the tale […]

Puck Pies: A Doughnut By Any Other Name…

Ok, a few reasons why I chose today’s selecton. 1) Drew Doughty plays for the Kings, and his nickname is “Doughnuts.” 2) I’m happy he’s out (not that he’s hurt, but that the Blues don’t have to worry about him – I’d ather no one be injured). 3) LA has a large Hispanic population. 4) […]

Puck Pies: Faux Russian Spuds

Tonight I decided to combine three of my favorite things: hockey, Russian history, and potatoes. Ok, well, hockey food, Russian history, and potatoes. While it’s still warm enough to grill outside, these are the perfect accompaniment to a good medium-rare steak. Do some carrots steamed in chicken broth with dill or rosemary, and it’s a good […]

Puck (Whoopie) Pies

Prospect tournaments are starting, and I’m pretty sure that everyone had a reaction similar to “WHOOPEE!” Ok, mine was “oh, thank God, there’s live hockey on my TV – I haven’t watched the Blues take a hundred penalties and lose live since April!” To each fanbase goes their own reactions, I guess. But, to celebrate […]

Puck Pies: Labor Day Burgers

These burgers aren’t just for Labor Day. Oh, no no no. These are perfection for hockey tailgates, too. Sure, in some locales tailgates are better done in the pre-season or during post-season play, when the frost either hasn’t shown up or has slipped away. No one wants to make ribs and burgers in twenty degree […]

Puck Pies: Avocado Pasta Salad, AKA The Greatest Pasta Salad Ever

Everyone needs a pasta salad for Labor Day. It’s mandatory. Who wants that nasty mayo based store kind, though? You know the stuff. The kind that you take two bites of and then reach for another deviled egg. It’s just… blech. Spruce that pasta salad up a bit, huh? The olive oil based ones are […]

Puck Pies: Quickie Dinner After A Long Day

We’ve all had those days – never ending days that just drag on, leaving you so tired that the concept of anything more complicated than beer and a frozen pizza makes your head throb. You just want to flop onto the couch and watch a game. I understand. I feel your pain.  I’m going to […]

Puck Pies: Panko Fried Scallops With Spicy Duck Sauce

Scallops are, it has been said, like the fillet Mignon of the sea. Large, succulent sea scallops, lightly coated with flour, salt, and pepper… pan sauteed in butter… there’s little better. Good quality sea scallops, not previously frozen and pumped full of liquid to fluff them out, are oftentimes priced as high as a good fillet, too. Three or four of them can […]

Puck Pies: Lazy Gourmet Toasted Cheese

Sometimes, you just want something easy – some sort of comfort food. Usually for me during the hockey season, comfort food consists of the kind that comes out of a tap. During the off-season, however, I usually have a bit more time and free cash to go for something more special. Special and gourmet doesn’t […]

Puck Pies: Off-Season Drunchies

Admit it. The off season sucks. Free-agent frenzy’s calmed down to less than a trickle, the prospect and development camps are about to end (or in the Blues’ case, never happen), and you have over 70 days until the start of the season. Sure, September’s right around the corner, when training camp and preseason starts, […]

Puck Pies Archives: April 19th, 2010 – Introducing Puck Pies!

Dani, Steven, and I were discussing how much all three of us absolutely love to cook the other day after I posted some food porn up on twitter – some chicken livers sauteed in butter with a brandy and maple syrup reduction, in case you’re wondering.  Apparently cooking and hockey go hand in hand – […]

Puck Pies Archives: May 3, 2010 – Canadian-Asian Fusion FTW!

I know I’ve gotten gonzo with the recipes recently, but when I’m bored, I cook, and I’ve been bored a lot recently.  Wait for the summer… I go into full nesting mode and bake bread.  It’s not pretty. Anywho, Vancouver’s known for their awesome Asian fusion food, since it’s so close to Japan and other […]

Puck Pies Archives: September 22, 2010 – Pre-Season Puck Pies

Cycle Like the Sedins has been a bit, um, dead since I made fun of Charles Wang’s grandkid at the draft.  After the season ended, I also couldn’t think of any special occasions to do Puck Pies for.  Well, with the return of the sport that drives us all to drink (more on that in […]