Finally: Blues Opening Night Is Here!

Let’s see if I can watch it, huh NHL?  Anyway, blackout bitterness aside, I’m thrilled that the Blues season’s starting again with tonight’s match up against the Nashville Predators (and if you want to go poke at the competition, direct your attention at Fang Faction). Sure, the Blues kind of owned the Preds last season, […]

NHL Center Ice Is Blacking Out Game In Atlanta. Which Isn’t A Market, Remember?

There’s something oddly validating about being told you’re a hockey market after months of ridicule regarding how Atlanta doesn’t deserve a team. Heck, according to the NHL, we’re in two hockey markets! The Nashville Predators and Carolina Hurricanes are apparently both in our viewing area, despite the fact that Nashville’s a four hour drive and […]

Wayne Simmonds Is an Idiot, But Not For the Reasons You Think

This was not written by Laura. So don’t send her any of your mean comments. The Philadelphia Flyers’ Wayne Simmonds said a mean thing to Sean Avery last night. I know what you’re thinking: “Good! That Avery fellow is a churl, and it is high time someone took him to task for his outrageous behaviour! […]

Jetting Off To Nashville: Reflections On A Thrashers Roadtrip

As I mentioned in a previous post, Saturday night was my first time seeing the Thrashers in person since the move. It’s amazing what a change in logo and scenery can do.  Before I get started with any sort of reflection of how I felt at the game, let me say this: Nashville does hockey […]

Land Of Confusion: A Thrashers Fan Going To A Jets Game

I just don’t know what to do. On Saturday, I’ll be making the nearly four hour drive to Bridgestone Arena to see the Winnipeg Jets face off against the Nashville Predators. I’m excited to be going to my first NHL game of the year, but saddened that it isn’t at Philips Arena. I’m thrilled to […]

Please Stop Believin’

Dear Current and Hopefully Soon Future Owners of the Blues: “Don’t Stop Believin’” is a fine song. I’m not one of those pretentious jerkwads who thinks that because Journey sold more than 58 copies of their albums and get played on non-college radio stations that they automatically suck and you should hate them. Journey made […]

If I Were A Betting (Wo)man: My Central Division Preview

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after years of being a Blues fan, predicting standings is like playing roulette: you’re standing there, yelling “black! Black!” and the damn ball flies off of the wheel, hitting some poor old woman playing slots. Nothing ever winds up the way that it should. I predicted St. Louis finishing […]

EA Sports Puts Girl In NHL12; Renews Womens’ Lib Movement

This is going to come across oddly considering I’m a woman, but I honestly disagree with EA Sports putting the option for a female Be a Pro player into NHL12. Sure, it was awesome of them to listen to frustrated letters from a little girl who couldn’t fully enjoy the glory of kicking her brother’s […]

ESPN Disrespectfully Minimizes Coverage Of Lokomotiv Plane Crash

I don’t like turning tragedies into rallying cries. I’m absolutely torn up, as we all are, about the loss of 43 people aboard the flight that was carrying Lokomotiv to their first game of the season. It hurts the hockey world – and it should upset people in general, regardless of if they’re fans or […]


The only thing I can say is that my thoughts and prayers are with Lokomotiv, their families, and their friends. Former Thrashers assistant coach Brad McCrimmon and former St. Louis Blue Pavol Demitra were on board. It’s been confirmed that both men were among those killed.     Rest in peace. This offseason’s been a […]

Winnipeg Jets Jerseys Next In A Long Line Of Circular Logo Boredom

Hey, remember when the concept of the circular logo was cool? You know, when Minnesota did it?   And then other teams looked at it and thought, “Hey, a circle looked good on blue when it was Buffalo’s logo. Let’s try it!” Like Pittsburgh:   And St. Louis:   And then, um… a team that […]

Hockey Players Are People Too; Treat Them That Way

The Hockey News’ Adam Proteau, in the wake of the passing of Derek Boogaard, Rick Rypien, and and Wade Belak, wrote an outstanding piece on the humanity of hockey players. It’s unfortunate to me that articles such as that have to come out after the deaths of three of the game’s most notable enforcers and […]