You Can Play fan project started by Pension Plan Puppets

I wrote about the Burke family’s You Can Play Project on Puck Drunk Love a little while ago. It’s a great program, getting support from all thirty NHL clubs, to further the idea of tolerance on and off the ice. The You Can Play Project supports LGBT athletes in their endeavors to play on a […]

Snag Tickets For Tomorrow’s Penguins/Blues Game

The Blues close out their first half tomorrow night with a matchup with the Penguins.  Thanks to “Pick Your Price” from our partners @ TiqIQ you can get into Scottrade tomorrow night for below face.  For the cheapest deal, make an offer of $40ea on two “1-star” tickets and save over $10 of the full […]

Vladimir Tarasenko Owns The KHL Skills Competition

Admit it – their All-Star jerseys are nicer than the NHL’s’ve been in years. This past weekend was the KHL’s all star game, and much like the NHL they have the perfunctory skills competition. The trick shot of course was worked in to this, because fans like seeing players do nifty things with sticks and […]

“If You See Something, Say Something” At NHL Games?

Ok, ok, I realize that public awareness of suspicious individuals is something that the government pretty much has to promote. Granted, most of these PSAs are about as ethnically diverse as an ADT Security ad, so maybe it is good for the “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign to make it into the NHL. […]

Ring In The New Year With Special Ticket Deals From Our Ticket Partner TiqIQ!

I can’t take advantage of this deal since I’m obviously not in St. Louis, but TiqIQ and their partner have a pretty killer ticket deal for Friday, December 30th.  Through TiqIQ’s partner Score Big, fans can “make an offer” on special “5 Star” tickets that usually sell for $155 each. An offer of around […]

Nashville Predators: The Only Central Division Team I Don’t Hate*

*I mean, not counting the Blues. Obviouusly I love them, but dislike the Blackhawks, Red Wings, and Blue Jackets on matter of principle. It’s funny. I’d never been to Nashville to catch a Predators game before this season, despite hearing nothing but good stuff. This year? So far I’ve been twice, and will probably be […]

God, Thrashers. Go Away And Leave Me Be

Oh, look. It’s the ghost of hockey past. What he’s doing, I’m not really sure – there’s not a glove back there, is there?   Ok, I’m not a hockey polygamist anymore. I’m fine with that – focusing on the Blues alone is easier, and it’s something I did until 1999. I’m having a blast […]

David Perron Returns; Let’s Celebrate With A Contest!

Bonjour! I don’t do things like this too often, mainly because I don’t want to hit people up for freebies. However, when a company such as The Fan Zoo offers to give me a hand with something like this, who am I to say no? Especially when it gives a chance for some lucky Blues’ […]

Philips Arena Seventh Most Valuable In America; Think Of That What You Will

When you look up “places I wouldn’t be caught dead inside” in the dictionary, there’s a photo of this next to it. Just a li’l Friday Morning palate cleanser/chance for former Thrasher fans to point and laugh. According to Business Insider, Philips is the 7th most valuable arena in North America, but that was tabulated […]

Thrashers 2008 All Star Game Mural Gone; Fans Re-Depressed

Thrashers fans are still sad about not having a hockey team to go see, obviously, but generally we’ve come to terms with the bad luck and incompetence that marred our beloved franchise. We understand (at least I do) that the sale and the move is strictly on Atlanta Spirit LLC, and that the folks in […]

Jason Arnott Trade Bait? Blues Having A Terrible Season? WTF.

This photo of Bruce Boudreau before he was fired has nothing to do with this post. I’m just trolling for hits.   Apologies on lack of postings, those of you who notice that I write stuff. Work has been killer, and then a holiday hit in which I foolishly brought work home with me, and […]

Tampa Bay’s 1-3-1 Trap Can Be Broken, So Can The GMs Drop It?

Since Wednesday’s debacle of a game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Tampa Bay Lightning, the hockey world has come down on the Bolts and their coach Guy Boucher. In case you missed it, here’s what happened when the Lightning continued to play the 1-3-1 trap that got them to the Eastern Conference Finals:[/youtube] Needless to […]

Is Scottrade Center A Four-Star Venue?

In his review of the home of the Blues, the Scottrade Center, Jack Winter of Stadium Journey gives the venue 3.3 stars, while the average fan rating is 4 stars. So, which is it to you? He highlights the positive atmosphere of the crowd during a Blues game, which is interesting to me – they […]

Cardinals Win The World Series; Being A Blues Fan Made Me Enjoy It

St. Louis sports fans are obviously spoiled by the Cardinals. In winning their 11th World Series championship against improbable odds, it proved two things: God is a Cardinals fan, and this is one of the best-run and best managed teams in baseball and has been fairly consistently. Eleven World Series championships, eighteen National League championships, […]

Suggestions For Keeping Carlo Colaiacovo Off Of The IR

Carlo Colaiacovo has a reputation in the league as being easily injurable, and let’s face it – it’s true. While he’s been successful on the blue line for the Blues, he hasn’t exactly been available the whole season. So far this season it took about three quarters of a game before he was tripped and […]