The Law Of Hildy – An Ongoing Record

I’ll be keeping track of the Blues’ and Thrashers’ records on the nights when they play each other – mostly for my own personal curiosity reasons, but I find their records to be enough of an abnormality that it needs to be looked at.  Nights where both teams have lost are in bold, and nights […]

Happy New Year!

Here’s hoping that 2010 closes with a Thrashers and a Blues win – hockey double header day today, with the Thrashers game underway right now (started at 5:00) in New Jersey, and the Blues taking on the Coyotes tonight on Versus at 8:00. Everyone be careful, enjoy popping your champagne safely (especially if the Thrashers […]

TJ Oshie Makes Rick Nash Live In Fear

And this, purchased by fellow Game Timer I_AM_SPARTACUS at the True Blues store at the game tonight should make everyone else live in fear. Frankly, it’s haunting my dreams tonight:   For some reason, it strikes me as looking like one of the lost Staal brothers or something. Nevertheless, bobbleheads scare the bejesus out of […]

Thanks to the Pensblog…

… for the link and the lengthy quote over on their GDT. Also, epic photoshop. Usually I am pretty cool with the Penguins, their fans, Malkin, and even Crosby.  But for tonight, darn you all. And that’s all I’ll say about the Thrashers’ 6-3 asswhooping. The rest is over at SBNation Atlanta. Four game losing […]

The Law of Hildy: The Thrashers and Blues Can’t Win In One Night

I have long whined and complained that my two teams, the St. Louis Blues and Atlanta Thrashers, are completely incapable of winning hockey games on the same night. Maybe it just seemed an unhappy coincidence, maybe it is just my natural cynical nature. Who knows. But with the Thrashers on this four game sliiiide that […]

Have a Hockey Jolly Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Blues and Thrashers fans – and, aw heck, everyone else. Even Detroit fans. Here’s hoping you get a white Christmas and everything you and your family wanted – unless you’re the Ovie jersey kid. Then I hope that this year someone got you a Malkin jersey and then filmed your reaction just for […]

Well, that was surprising.

I’m not going to lie – between my amazing powers as a walking jinx and the fact that the Blues iced the Peoria Rivermen’s offense tonight, I thought that the Blues were going to lose. They didn’t, and I’m pretty happy about that. What I’m less than thrilled about is that Atlanta didn’t get it […]

Eric Boulton Scores Hat-Trick As Thrashers Freeze Out Devils

Where were you/When Eric Boulton scored his first hat trick?   My butt was, proud to say, in section 113, getting pelted with hats. My full-game re-cap’s over on SB Nation Atlanta, of course, and it’s fairly formal as it should be. Here, however, formality tends to go out the window. So please allow me […]

Om nom nom. The Injury Bug Keeps Biting The Blues

The St. Louis Blues’ franchise best season start seems like a far away, fuzzy memory now. Sure, the team’s still well above .500 (15-10-5), but they’ve gone from having the best point percentage in the leaguge to 10th in the tight Western Conference. What’s happened? A team that started healthy, young, and strong is now […]

Thrashers Throw Thrash In Jail To Get People To Come To Games

  One thing I have always found a way to grumble about has been the Atlanta Thrashers’ lack of marketing. When the team was playing well last season, nary a peep was heard around Atlanta. Ads aren’t shown on TV station outside of SportSouth and Fox SportSouth, and the guys are on the radio all […]

Rick DiPietro Never Saw It Coming

The game was an interesting back-and-forth with the Thrashers winning 5-4. I appreciate the Quebec fans cheering for the Isles and boosting their attendance, but you can’t tell me that this quote is honest: When it was all said and done, the groups’ main hope was that someone outside of the 10,000 in attendance heard […]

The Thrashers Are Not Moving To Quebec. Sorry.

Let me preface this by saying that I’ve always thought it appropriate that, when the economy and such is in a better place, that the NHL should expand back into Canada. Quebec and Winnipeg should be at the toppermost of those lists, since they’ve already experienced the pain of having a franchise yanked from them. […]

TJ Oshie: Civil War Hero?

While thumbing through the National Archive’s Flickr collection of Civil War soldiers, I saw this photograph of a Union soldier: Tell me that doesn’t look like this kid, sans frosted tips:

Interviewing Cam Janssen is apparently easy.

Like most fighters in the NHL, the toughest guys on the ice are usually the nicest guys off, and Cam Janssen’s one of those. I realize that some fan bases dislike Cam (such as the Toronto Maple Leafs’) but Blues fans have a lot of respect for their hometown brawler, even if he does average […]

It’s Bring A Friend To A Hockey Game Day!

Krafty, of Rock the Red fame, had an outstanding idea (and yes, I’m being nice to them even though we’re going to play the Caps later on today). We all know that our sport is the best.  I’m not going to go on a rant about it, because that might invite people who are unhappy […]