You like the Blues chances to advance

Ask any fans of Ice Hockey what they love most about the game and you will more than likely come away with a different answer each time. For some the most important part of the game is the sense of community that is built around their support of a favourite team; going to see matches […]

The Birth of Ilya Kovalchuk

Very little has been made of Ilya Kovalchuk's start in the NHL. Amongst the hubbub of him bolting for Russia, everyone seems to be mentioning the Devils and his point production with them and yada yada yada. You may, if you're lucky, get a mention of him being drafted by the Thrashers in 2001. This […]

Ilya Kovalchuk Retires, Stuns Thrashers Fans

  No, Ilya Kovalchuk did not permanently retire from hockey, he just retired from the NHL. I realize that. For Thrashers fans, though, the news today was rough. How rough? Well, first off, in a city that doesn't care about hockey and yet at the same time needs to "get over losing that team," well, […]

Atlanta Spirit officially a “Dreamcrusher”

  On today, the second anniversary of the relocation of the Atanta Thrashers, nothing warms my heart more than reading about how terrible their former owners are. The Atlanta Spirit group being God awful owners has always felt like a well-kept local secret. No one really fully understands how bad they are – just that […]

What going to Thursday’s Blues game means to me

Tomorrow morning, bright and early (or, really, dark and early), I'm leaving to drive for eight hours to go watch a hockey game or two. No, this isn't because the Thrashers are gone and these are the lengths I have to go to. I can drive to Nashville to see a game, and I have […]

Evander Kane awkwardly references Atlanta in new Cabbie video

  I'm not sure if I'm going to take Valentine's Day advice from Evander Kane, but I will take some of those cookies. The Cabbie and Kane venture to a local Winnipeg bakery, apparently to boos sales/look awkward. As Kane's going through the different types of cookies, see if you can catch the Atlanta reference. […]

AJC takes shot at Thrashers fans. Why?

I'm a little late with this one, what with the excitement of hockey season starting again and whatnot, but the Gwinnett Gladiators twitter feed scored one for the little guy the other day. The big boy? The Atlanta Journal Constitution. I have my own opinions about their news coverage (I read it because it's basically […]

Many of USA’s drunkest cities are hockey towns

It's no secret that the NHL has some fans who enjoy fizzy adult beverages. Whether it's the alcohol's warming feeling or just the fact that some of our teams are very much exasperating, hockey fans drink more beer than fans of any other North American league. That's no small feat, considering the fact that the […]

Oh, thank God, the lockout’s over.

I was very much starting to wonder if these several hundred grown men (two in particular) could play nice with each other. Apparently they can pretend to, at the very least. Sure, the end of the lockout's tentative as of right now, but the league and the NHLPA'd never break our hearts again, right? Sorry, […]

Last night at Joe Buck’s…

This won't be dishy. This won't involve scoop quotes or anything like that. This is just what I realized after getting back to my hotel room at Union Station yesterday evening — the Blues are fortunate to have an owner interested in seeing what the team's fans think. Mr. Tom Stillman, the owner of the […]

Merry Christmas – here’s Ryan Reaves beating up Dan Carcillo

Sure, there's no hockey this holiday season, at least not NHL hockey (though I am watching a game between Donbass and Vityaz right now, hense the very KHL greetings seen above). We can still look back on past games, so here's your Christmas gift: Ryan Reaves beating up Dan Carcillo, who presumably was a naughty […]

Fan boycotts won’t work, so save yourselves the irritation

    I know most of us are still, at the very least, irritated that the NHL's still locked out. I miss the Blues very much. As I've mentioned before, watching the AHL, KHL, and ECHL just isn't the same as watching a team I've loved for over 20 years, and this lockout can end […]