These MacInnis/Pronger/Jackman Blues nesting dolls are the things of nightmares.

For the love of God and all that is holy, don't look into their eyes. NO.

From the eBay product description (bidding starts at 19.99!):

Here is a St. Louis Blues nesting dolls of the following players Al McGinnis,Chris Pronger and Barrett Jackman.This was a Blues Savis Center giveaway.The Blues baseball item is in Ex. condition and comes with a generic white box which is in Vg. condition with writing in it in two places.This is a Buy It Now so you can get this right away without having to wait till the end of the auction. This piece of sports memorabilia would be a nice addition to a St. Louis Blues Hockey Memorabilia collection. Winner pays postage.Please look at my other collectors items. Good Luck Bidders.Please see About Me TO SEE WHAT I`M LOOKING FOR.

My God, WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR is something that's part Children of the Corn, part Blues hockey. I will say that this is the cutest I've ever seen Barret Jackman look. Look at that little face! And then look away, because here comes giant glazed-over Al Macinnis…

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