Many of USA’s drunkest cities are hockey towns

It's no secret that the NHL has some fans who enjoy fizzy adult beverages. Whether it's the alcohol's warming feeling or just the fact that some of our teams are very much exasperating, hockey fans drink more beer than fans of any other North American league. That's no small feat, considering the fact that the NHL's the smallest of the big four pro leagues. Heck, in 2011 it was figured that we were almost half as likely as the average American adult to have consumed a beer in the last month.


Beer consumption, according to Molson Coors, dropped during the NHL lockout with no games to go to. Granted, yes, M-C is the NHL's official beer sponsor, so they probably have some sort of motive for mentioning how the lockout hurt their bottom line, but it's still intriguing. It also got me thinking — I wonder what impact hockey would have with alcohol consumption in general? In a case of perfect timing, the Daily Beast released their list of 25 drunkest American cities, and look what I spy. Hockey towns. In reverse order:

#23: St. Louis, MO (disappointed that we scored so low, though I probably shouldn't be disappointed at something like this).

#22: Buffalo, NY

#19: Philadelphia, PA

#15: Denver, CO

#14: Springfield, MA (close to the Bruins, I guess)

#11: Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

#9: Washington, DC (I'd drink too if I had to put up with Congress)

#8: Chicago, IL (probably partially due to the Cubs, I assume)

#6: Hartford, CT (whatever, the Whalers still count)

#1: Boston, MA

There you have it. From 2012, Men's Health also published a list of drunkest US cities, but took quite a few more variables into consideration. The highest ranking hockey town in that one? St. Louis, at 6th overall. Congrats? BTW, the next closest hockey town is the original Hockey Tonk, Nashville, at 14th overall. 

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