Winnipeg Jets’ Jim Slater still a class act when it comes to Thrashers fans

You might’ve heard that the Winnipeg Jets visited the Nashville Predators Saturday night, and a couple, oh, hundred or so Thrashers fans showed up. It was cathartic for some, depressing for others, and definitely a conflict in interest. Even though I didn’t go this time around, the fans interviewed in this article for FoxSports South summarize how I felt: love the players, but the Jets are just another NHL team to me. 

One of my absolute favorites while the Thrashers were in Atlanta was Jim Slater, who is also now a fan favorite in Winnipeg. He’s one of the hardest working guys in hockey and has more heart than anyone else in that locker room with the exception of Chris Thorburn. While other players on the Jets (looking at you, Andrew Ladd and your “we’d rather play on the road” comment) haven’t really said many nice things about being in Atlanta, and some have just had nothing to say at all (Enstrom and Bogosian especially, unless you count Bogo’s criticism of coach John Torchetti), Slater had this to say about seeing all of his old fans again:

“I’m looking forward to it,” Slater said. “I don’t think it was ever really the fans that were the problem in Atlanta. The fans were great. They were loud, they traveled on the road with us. They’re really passionate about the game and they gave pretty much everything they had every night and that’s definitely a positive memory from Atlanta.”

Thank you, Jimmah. I’ll forgive you a little for the grief you gave me for being from STL at the photo meet and greet. You get a free pass on that one, Michigan man. 

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