Thrashers Season Ticket Holders Were Spoiled

Believe this or not, this Select-a-Seat event photo was taken the day of the Tailwake when it was basically all but known the Thrashers were moving. Classy move, Atlanta Spirit.


Ok, I know most of you read the title of this post and either did a spit-take or choked on whatever you were eating. “Spoiled?” I can hear you say. “Why in the HELL would you say that? Eleven years of terrible to slightly above average hockey, superstars like Hossa and Kovalchuk walking for practically nothing in return, and DON WADDELL? How in the hell were we spoiled? We were told to ‘just deal with’ bad situations. You have to be joking. Or drunk.”

While I have had a couple glasses of wine, I’m sober, and I’m serious. I’m currently poking around for last minute tickets to the Blues-Predators game for tomorrow night (helpful hint for those of you who need them — click the tickets link at the top of my website), and the prices are shocking. $65 for upper, upper bowl? What were those in Atlanta, like $15? Few rows down are in the $80 range on some sites. Atlanta? $35 — and keep in mind that those rates aren’t even season ticket holder prices. Those are the regular ones.

My tickets in section 108 were $1000 for the entire season. They were lower bowl, attack once side, about 13 rows or so off of the ice. I couldn’t’ve asked for more reasonable tickets for an ECHL team, let alone an NHL one. The Thrashers tried “premium game” pricing last year for teams like Chicago or Detroit, or for weekend games. I was pleasantly surprised when I thumbed through the tickets and saw those games at $35.00 value for a STH. The weekday ones for non-premium games? $17. SEVENTEEN DOLLARS.

I sat in virtually the exact same place in Nashville in December, and I paid $68. I would have paid about $110, but I had a coupon for 40% off the site that I used, so yay. For tomorrow, the most reasonable ticket I could find lower-bowl was $100, and tickets aren’t exactly widely available. Sure, it’s a Saturday night against a division rival that the Preds are fighting with for primo playoff position, but it’s impossible to just grab a cheap ticket. It’s impossible to do that during the week. It’s hard to do that during preseason. This is the price you have to pay for going to go see a successful franchise that’s supported by a large swath of the local population.

Yeah, I know the cheap tickets here in Atlanta were basically a last-ditch effort to get people in the building by a group of owners who couldn’t give a flying flip, but gosh darnit, wasn’t it nice?

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