Thrashers jerseys tossed on ice at Jets/Predators game.

Let me preface this by saying I totally get the anger behind this. I’m still angry, too. I’m horribly angry at the mismanagement of the Atlanta Spirit Group that cost me my second favorite team, and I’m horribly angry at Gary Bettman and the NHL, even though economically I understand the decision. I’m also going to preface this by saying that I’m not going to tell people how to mourn or show anger, but personally I don’t know if I’d do this:
Thanks to @spectr17!

Those jerseys, while expensive regardless of if they’re Reebok or KOHO or CCM, are worth more than just money. My Thrashers jerseys are about the last connection I have left to a team that I watched for 11 years. So much of the memorabilia is still hard to look at — the autographed pucks and even my Johan Hedberg autographed goalie stick are put away. But the jerseys remind me of the game experience more than the team, and that was my favorite part about going. I miss my routine, I miss wearing those jerseys, and I miss the hell out of the Thrashers. I just don’t know if this is how I’d choose to show it. 

Those things belong on nice cedar hangers like the ones in my closet I bought especially for my jerseys. They keep their shape better that way. Ice is no way to take care of a jersey.

Thanks to @big_momma2 for the screen grab!


EDIT: From my good friends @lsthrasher04 and James Wood, here’re the photos of the jerseys thrown on the ice. It is a shame that no one really could read them, because the one on the right is 100% spot on. I did hear that there were some thrown into the Jets’ penalty box that there specifically directed at Bettman. Does anyone have a clue what they say?


And, is there a billboard near ASG offices? Having the text in the above photo staring into their windows every day would be swell.

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