Potential job titles for Brett Hull

St. Louis Blues hockey great Brett Hull is going to be a member of Tom Stillman’s front office somehow. Doing what, we’re not really sure, but he’ll be working for the franchise that most hockey fans remember him playing for. Yeah, yeah, Cups in Dallas and Detroit, but individual records were set while a member of the Blues. Heck, the Scottrade Center’s even on Brett Hull Way! How much more of a confirmation do you need that he belongs in St. Louis?

Well, he’s here. And he’ll be doing…something. No, he won’t be the co-GM as he was in Dallas. We’d rather not have Sean Avery here, thank you very much. But what’s he going to be doing? If you have a suggestion, shoot it out on Twitter at the hashtag #jobsforbrett, or send me a tweet at @hildymac. I’ll add them here after the jump. Have fun!

My suggestion is business liason to metro STL golf courses. Imagine the sponsorship deals he could get for the Blues? They can advertise at Scottrade, Hullie could golf at their courses… it’s a win-win!


From my good friend Ryan Classic of Silver Seven Sens came up with these gems: Blues Brother, Great Brettan, King of the Arch, and Hull Monitor. Frankly, the last one is perfect. The organization can give him a fun little belt and badge.

Over on facebook, Rich tossed out Designated Mouth, Caddy, and Crease Enforcement Officer. That last one has potential. 

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