Musings on the Blues’ season and the playoffs

Yeah, this is a pretty good summary of that last series.

Hi there. You might remember me from such blogs as SB Nation St. Louis, Puck Drunk Love, and St. Louis Game Time. Sometimes, I even post here. You know, on the blog that I own. Apologies for the slowness in posts, six loyal readers. I always have found it a cruel irony that hockey season ends around the time that work finally gives me a chance to really focus on my writing and the sport and team that I enjoy so much.

Unfortunately, that team that I enjoy so much kind of punctuated an outstanding, Central Division winning, Presidents’ Trophy challenging, Jennings worthy season with a broom hitting their backsides. There’s so much to be proud of and so much to be pleased with in this season, but for players, management, and the fans, the ultimate goal was missed. I think Jaroslav Halak’s assessment of them not accomplishing anything might be a bit melodramatic, unless if you count accomplishment only as the main prize and not the steps you take to get there. You don’t take the steps, you don’t get the prize. Simple as that. The Blues have taken baby steps the past few seasons, and then this year was a massive hop in the right direction. The team came together, the plan was realized, and hockey’s exciting again in St. Louis. That’s a good thing. Would we all have preferred a Cup down Market Street? Duh. But you can’t always get what you want, but I think Blues fans got what they needed this season.

I did notice my massive feeling of “meh” when the final horn sounded and the handshake line with the Los Angeles Kings began. I wasn’t sad, I wasn’t crushed, I didn’t run around drinking and crying or anything over-reactive. I just turned off the TV. Either that was my irritation at the sweep melding with my happiness over this season to form a giant cloud of apathy, or I’ve been conditioned as a Blues fan to expect some disappointment in the second round at the very least. This is why I don’t laugh at Cubs fans. That, and it’s just easier to laugh at their team, which is, I’m sure what Blackhawks and Red Wings fans did at ours despite the Blues playing four more games than they did. Oh well. Sports. They are what they are.

That’s the Blues, too. They are whatever they are. We love them, other teams’ fans hate them, and the NHL tends to consider them flyover-country unless they actually are purchased by a stable owner. Then Gary Bettman shows up. I’m still pretty proud about the season itself, although the playoffs and how they ended were a bit mortifying. Is the team dwelling on it? Nah, they’re learning from it. Should the fans dwell? Absolutely not. Keep up with the off-season news, focus on the draft and free-agent Christmas, and just be happy that we have an enjoyable team to watch. It could always be worse, and it can’t get much better… other than the Cup.

That was a shockingly optimistic piece from me, I know, but I’m almost done with work for two months and after the loss of the Thrashers, I’ve found myself appreciating small achievements more.

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Laura Astorian is the head editor for the SB Nation blog St. Louis Game Time and has been a Blues fan from childhood. She promises that any anti-Blackhawks bias will be left at the door. Maybe.