Finally: A Charitable T-Shirt With A Pointed Message To Atlanta Spirit

Who says charity always has to be squeaky clean and feel good? In an attempt to get some cash drummed up for the Dan Snyder Neurotrauma Fund at Emory University here in Atlanta, former Thrashers fan club board member Jim Carruthers has whipped up these fine duds to remind people that Thrashers fans aren’t bitter, we’re just still really missing our team and don’t really care for the gentlemen who facilitated their exit from Atlanta.

Take special notice that it lays blame squarely where blame should be: Gary Bettman and the incompetent Atlanta Spirit Group that drove the team out of town. Not on Winnipeg, not on True North, not on Mark Chipman, not on Jets fans — on the Atlanta Spirit Group who so horribly mismanaged a decent squad into the ground that the mascot had to steal a zamboni to get folks to come to games. I’m still convinced Thrash came up with that idea on his own.

Also, the logo on these spiffy shirts is a mash-up of the Thrashers’ and old school Jets colors. I think it serves as a good reminder of the team’s history, especially to broadcasters and sportswriters who insist that “The Jets are back!” No, they’re still in Phoenix. These are Jets v2.0, and I’m a big believer in honoring your team’s history. You know, like rocking a Nordiques jersey at an Avs game, or breaking out a Colorado Rockies one at a Devils game (NOT the Kovalfoul that was on Puck Daddy a while ago).

It’s for a good cause, it calls out Atlanta Spirit, and it looks good. If you’re interested in one, hit me up at and I will get the order info to you. They’re $20 each, covering the cost of the shirt, shipping and the donation to the DSNF.


BTW, whoever did the mashup is outstanding. I love the Jet as the Thrasher’s eye.

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