Dan Snyder Memorial Trophy tradition continues in Winnipeg

A common complaint from fans of the Atlanta Thrashers after their move was that the history’s been whitewashed both
by the new owners and organization and by Atlanta Spirit Group. To someone with a history background as myself, I realize that history’s written by the winners, but it doesn’t do much good to me to rationalize how eager everyone seems to be to forget that the Thrashers ever existed. It might very well be one of the worst parts of the relocation. 

The Jets are remembering a very important piece of Thrashers history. Fans stressed that the Dan Snyder Memorial Trophy absolutely had to be continued. Snyder was killed in a 2003 car accident, when the Ferrari that Dany Heatley was driving crashed into a gaurdrail on Lenox Road in Atlanta. That season, the Thrashers began the annual tradition of honoring Snyder with the Memorial Trophy, which was awarded to a player “who best embodies perseverance, dedication and hard work without reward or recognition so that his teammates might succeed.” 

John Manasso from FoxSports South reported Wednesday that the Jets will continue the tradition after the conclusion of their final home game against the season on April 7th. Current Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff was the GM of the Chicago Wolves, then Atlanta’s AHL affiliate, when Snyder played for them. It would seem that Cheveldayoff wanted to honor his former player, but it also gives Thrashers fans one thing to be glad about. The franchise’s greatest tragedy and the player they lost will still be remembered. This isn’t something most Thrashers fans would say to the Jets organization, but it’s appropriate here: thank you.

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