Winnipeg Jets Jerseys Next In A Long Line Of Circular Logo Boredom

Hey, remember when the concept of the circular logo was cool? You know, when Minnesota did it?


And then other teams looked at it and thought, “Hey, a circle looked good on blue when it was Buffalo’s logo. Let’s try it!”

Like Pittsburgh:


And St. Louis:


And then, um… a team that didn’t really rely on blue much in their color scheme, the Florida Panthers:



The Blue Jackets’ jumped on the circle/blue logo bandwagon with a logo (and jersey) that actually worked well:


Now the Winnipeg Jets’re jumping on the bandwagon of circle + blue = success.


It doesn’t. Guys, really. St. Louis’ and Columbus’ are the only two circular logos on blue jerseys (aside from Buffalo’s) that work. Jets just look like a northern version of the Blue Jackets, which is funny – I always considered the Blue Jackets the northern version of the Thrashers. That’s a happy coincidence.

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