Ticket Prices In the ‘Peg.

Ok, I lied. One more thing. The Winnipeg team (whatever they are) need to sell 13,000 season tickets to show the Board of Governors that they’re a viable market. Stands to reason.

Look at the prices:

My Thrashers season tickets are in the equivilant of section 111. They are $999 a year here in Atlanta. In Winnipeg?

$4,230. That’s more than four times the price. The yellow seats are $1,745. Granted, yes, that’s in a slightly stronger Canadian dollar, but you get the point.

Enjoy paying out the nose for a five year committment to watch this team frustrate the hell out of you.

EDIT: I decided to look up income for the ‘Peg. In 2010 median income was $70,510 (Canadian). Not too shabby. The average annual expenses? The most recent data I could find gave it as $55,821. So, basically, that gives each family $14,869 worth of disposable income (roughly).

Atlanta’s median income – the 7th highest in the US, with ticket prices a quarter of some of those in Winnipeg, is $51,948. I’ll add cost of living for a comparable year as WPG when I can find it. The internet isn’t cooperating and I’m too tired to care.

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