The Guardian Project Finally Release Blues & Thrashers Guardians

Of course, in a bid to make me wait until the very end to see what the Guardians from my two favorite teams were going to look like, they had to lose in every match-up so far. Well, ok, the Blue had to lose in all of his match-ups. The Thrasher just got released on accident. 

Ok, he doesn’t seem to be a copycat of any superhero that I can think of, which is a plus considering some of the ones that’ve come out so far. I also like the fact that they’re connecting the military – specifically the Air Force – to the guy, since not only is he a bird, but Dobbins Air Reserve Base is located just to the north of Atlanta. Nice touch. I do have to admit that the “consummate Southern gentleman” part made me either think he’d have a pencil moustache a la Rhett Butler, or that he’d look like this guy:

For the Blue, after I read his description the first time, the initial thing that popped into my head was “Trenchcoat Mafia.” And then I thought about it for a second, and really he’s not some creepy kid at the back of the class. He’s a Beatnik. His favorite author is probably Jack Kerouac, he probably dug Audrey Hepburn’s skin-tight black outfit, and he sits around smoking black clove cigarettes while he ponders the meaninglessness of life, much like many Blues teams have done since the  lockout.

It’s funny. The other ones have been mock-worthy, but this is the worst I can come up with for the Blue and his magic mind controlling sax (thank God it’s not a trumpet – too many failed 3rd jersey jokes):


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