Philips Arena Seventh Most Valuable In America; Think Of That What You Will

When you look up “places I wouldn’t be caught dead inside” in the dictionary, there’s a photo of this next to it.

Just a li’l Friday Morning palate cleanser/chance for former Thrasher fans to point and laugh. According to Business Insider, Philips is the 7th most valuable arena in North America, but that was tabulated before the Thrashers relocated and the NBA lockout ate half their season. I’m also suprised that it doesn’t mention two other venues nearby that’ve been leeching concert acts out of Philips for a few years: the Gwinnett Arena and the Cobb Energy Center. These two out of the perimiter venues are both easier to get to for a good many people than Philips, which sets right in the middle of crowded streets and a sketchy area about two blocks down Marietta St.

Philips has seven more years left on their twenty year, $182 million naming rights deal. The company’s already all but pulled out of North America. I’m sure they can’t wait to get rid of this albatross, which is gradually being run into the ground by the least-competent ownership group in sports, Atlanta Spirit, LLC.

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