NFL To Fix Women’s Clothing. Can The NHL Do The Same? (EDIT: It Can’t)

Everyone hates pink jerseys for any sport. You’re a woman. You probably have boobs, right? Maybe are shorter than guys? Less muscular with a bit more fluff? Lack something that men have? All of these things should be more than enough to advertise that you are a member of the (generally) fairer sex. Why in the world do you have to swath your self in a shiny, sparkly abomination that desecrates the team’s logo? You don’t walk across a logo on the floor of a locker room, so why in the hell would it be pink?

Thankfully, the NFL’s taking a step in the right direction by making their clothes wearable. Apparently they’re minimizing the amount of pink and/or bedazzled shit that they’re putting in their team stores – good. You can be girlie without looking like Pepto. You can be girlie without looking like a slightly more subdued version of Liberace. All you really need is a woman’s cut T-shirt or jersey that looks like the guys’. Why is that so hard?

Sure, some women want to look cute when frequenting sporting events, so they dress up stuff with earrings or a purse or a cute pair of jeans or whatever the heck they want to. You can do that without making the jerseys ugly. Just make it – and this might blow your mind – the guys’ jersey, only smaller.

Why the NHL doesn’t get this, I don’t know. Like the NFL, hockey has a large contingent of female fans who aren’t there for the sole purpose of looking cute and picking up that hot guy or star player. We go to watch the game, get entertained, and follow the sport. I, personally, prefer to do so not wearing pink. I own one piece of pink clothing – a ladies version of the Cardinals’ 2006 World Series cap. I have worn it twice, because when I ordered it, the photo didn’t clearly indicate that it had pink trim. It looked like a better fitting version of the guy’s cap. My reaction when I opened the box that it came it? I wanted to light it on fire.

As featured on Puck Daddy: NO. Just… never. That jersey needs to be eliminated.

You will never, ever see me wearing a pink jersey, nor one of those blue and black weird ladies’ jerseys. Actually, you’ll never see me wear a ladies’ jersey either, because if I’m purchasing a hockey jersey, it’s a real one. I have three Blues jerseys and six Thrashers ones at home, and they’re all guys’. Heck, one’s goalie cut for extra hoodie wearing comfortableness. That, and a pair of jeans, and I’m fine for a game. I prefer utility over fashion when it comes to my sports, and honestly, most of my friends and the women I know do too.

Girls know there’s a time and place to dress it up and break out the Alyssa Milano wear (which is cute, but also isn’t really made in a large variety of sizes), and when it’s fine to dress comfortably. If it’s 20 degrees outside and you’re getting ready to head to the arena, are you going to wear the cute, super thin top and really tight jeans, or comfortable jeans, tennis shoes, and a hoodie with a jersey over it? Sometimes, practicality supersedes fashion. I think the NFL’s finally getting wind of this. The NHL needs to too.

EDIT: A friend of mine got the NHL catalogue today and pointed out that no, the NHL isn’t heading in the direction of fixing things and yes, things can get worse. Behold – snowflakes:

A little too close to Mr. Darcy’s horribly bad Christmas sweaters, don’t you think?

Mr. Darcy might be able to spring Bridget Jones from a Vietnamese prison, but even he can’t defend that jersey. 

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