Ladies And Gentlemen, Your Atlanta Thrashers Player of the Decade

Ok, fine – Chris Thorburn might not be the best player on the ice, but he has always busted his ass for this team and has never, ever taken a shift off. He’s very involved on and off the ice, and he, along with his wife and son, call Atlanta home. He’s one of the most dedicated players to his franchise, and it has become much, much more apparent after this weekend.

He’s been on a bit of a media blitz, if you want to call it that. The Thrashers and 690 the Fan are doing a “We’re Not Dead Yet!” tour from what I can tell at local Brandsmarts. Thorburn was out at the one in Stockbridge on Saturday, and got cornered by both Fox5 and 11Alive news.

Buck Landford got some video up on his facebook page of the interview. In it, Thorburn had this to say:

Just for owners to turn their backs on you, it kind of makes you mad. Obviously we don’t know every aspect of the deal and where they’re coming from. It hasn’t been publicly noted in the paper. From everything we’ve heard, from rumors that we’ve heard, it’s discouraging just knowing that they’re trying to dump us. That makes a guy mad.

Obviously Thorburn is upset at the situation. He expanded on that in an interview on 11Alive which aired Sunday night.

For the video impaired, he had this to say:

Thorburn also criticized NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, who has not visiting Atlanta while rumors of the sale of Thrashers to Winnipeg’s True North Sports have swirled. “You’d like to see the guy at the head of the league present. So it’s kind of discouraging,” Thorburn said…

But Thorburn sees his team as one with promise and one that can bring wins to Atlanta, if given the chance. “We’ve got a promising future with the guys we have on our squad now and it’s just going to get better,” he said.

“Hopefully the league and the ownership we have now can figure it out,” Thorburn said.

I think he might be giving the Atlanta Spirit Group a bit too much credit on that last part, but still. He said exactly what needed to be said, and he wasn’t scared to ruffle any feathers.

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