Jason Arnott Trade Bait? Blues Having A Terrible Season? WTF.

This photo of Bruce Boudreau before he was fired has nothing to do with this post. I’m just trolling for hits.


Apologies on lack of postings, those of you who notice that I write stuff. Work has been killer, and then a holiday hit in which I foolishly brought work home with me, and meh. That, and the Blues’ve been so totally awesome that I haven’t been worked up enough to write anything. You know, with that 7-1-2 record under the new coach and all, they’re rolling right along.


Not according to some guy at some website. As posted today in the link dump at St. Louis Game Time, apparently a blogger at Gather.com (whatever that is – is it like Patch but not owned by AOHell? Who knows) thinks that the Blues are playing awful hockey and that Jason Arnott is going to be their sacrificial lamb to help them rebuild. I honestly wonder if he’s watched the team this season, or if he just trolled Bleacher Report a while back and then piggybacked off of one of their usual inane, unsubstantiated rumors. Oh! Wait:

The latest from Bleacher Report has the San Jose Sharks looking to add some veteran leadership and another scorer on their third line, and Jason Arnott of the St Louis Blues is a player that fits the teams needs.

Ok, then. A team whose youngest member is Logan Couture at 22, and who has vets like Michal Handzus (34), Martin Havlat (30), Patrick Marleau (32), Joe Thornton (32), Andrew Murray (30), and Dan freaking Boyle (35) need veteran leadership. Is Arnott going to get all of those young whipper-snappers in line? Add playoff experience that no one but 4/5ths of the roster has? God, research sources first. Bleacher Report IS NOT A SOURCE. They’re barely a website.

The funniest part is when he discusses the Blues, though, stating that the Blues’d love to move Arnott’s salary. His $2,500,000 contract isn’t breaking the bank; it’s keeping the Blues above cap floor. Also, the Blues’ rebuild’s done – they’re trying to get those kids going in the right direction, and they added Arnott (and Langenbrunner) to SPECIFICALLY DO SO.

Buddy, blog posts like this is what gives sports bloggers a bad name. Some of us like to research facts or let events happen before we write on them; we don’t just write stuff for blog hits. If I did, don’t you think that the title of this post’d be “CAPITALS FIRE BRUCE BOUDREAU/HAGAN DAAS GROCERY STORE STOCK PLUMMETS IN DC?” Yes, yes it would be.

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