If Looking At The Standings Isn’t Upsetting You Enough…

And honestly, Blues fans, why WOULDN’T It upset you enough? I mean, 14th place for a team that started the season so amazingly well? Half of the team being broken at some point over the year? Random AHL call-ups? Dave Scatchard? I mean, what else could irritate St. Louis fans as much as all of this?

I hate you.

Yep. That. Mike Keenan. THAT will upset Blues fans faster than anything else in the world except for another TJ Oshie injury. How wonderful, then, that I stumbled across this from Sports Illustrated, detailing the worst deals in Blues history. And two-thirds of them are thanks to Iron Mike. I’m sure that other teams’ve had dummy trades made, but so many by one man? Other than Mike Milbury (must be the name), I can’t think of one person making so many stupid trades. This is a man who made Brendan Shanahan cry. Do you know how impossible that is? I still blame Keenan for Shanny considering himself a Red Wing for life, when he easily could have been a Blue. Of course, the Blues got Chris Pronger out of that, so it worked out ok… until the doofy Pronger trade made by Bill Laurie.

This just killed me:

Mike Keenan Has Had Success in the NHL,
but Not Everyone Agrees with His Methods

The Boston Globe — Oct. 29, 2000
By Kevin Paul Dupont

A source from St. Louis said that the Keenan-Joseph relationship was doomed from the moment they met. Keenan called Joseph into his office, according to the source, and said, “I don’t care who the **** you are.” All told, the meeting lasted about one minute. “Curtis Joseph,” said the source. “Maybe the nicest human being you can meet, sensitive and kind — and Keenan just clobbered him.”

Bastard. So, next time you look at the standings and have to fight the urge to throw things, just remember – it could always be worse. We could have an inept GM and awful coach, rolled up into one package. And God knows no one wants that to happen again.

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