ESPN Disrespectfully Minimizes Coverage Of Lokomotiv Plane Crash

I don’t like turning tragedies into rallying cries. I’m absolutely torn up, as we all are, about the loss of 43 people aboard the flight that was carrying Lokomotiv to their first game of the season. It hurts the hockey world – and it should upset people in general, regardless of if they’re fans or not – to see 43 people die in a heartbeat. 


As the hockey world mourns, news organizations are picking up the story. Around 1:00 today, this was the BBC’s homepage:


And this is the Worldwide Leader in Sports’:


Things more important than the death of 43 people? NFL power rankings, Junior Johnson, and the SEC accepting Texas A&M.

Two hours or so later, at 3:00, this was CNN’s main page:


Finally, ESPN decided to update their homepage with the story, last place in their breaking news ticker:


When you go to read that story, and scroll to the comments, you’ll notice that in real-time ESPN is deleting comments critical of their (lack of) coverage of this tragedy. What would get them to cover it like it mattered? Did an American have to die? Did this have to be a football team? What defines a tragedy for them – nationality and sport?

I’m not calling for a boycott (though not watching them isn’t hard for me – their baseball coverage, while existent, blows), but I am saying that the top sports media outlet in America just got bested by the BBC on a story that they needed to run front and center. What doest that say about ESPN’s dedication to sports other than their own pets?

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