Brett Hull Doesn’t Understand Personal Accountibility. You Can Stop Being Surprised Now.

So, then, which of your teammates do you blame your hair on, Brett?


Good lord, I pity Brett Hull’s kids’ teachers. Can you imagine?

“My son doesn’t have the homework because you didn’t post anything on your blog as a reminder.”

“My son forgot to study for your test because you didn’t hold his hand and write it out in his agenda.”

“My son thinks that Africa’s a country because his 4th grade geography teacher didn’t get that far in the curriculum and I don’t have time to teach my kids anything at home.”

I love Hull as much as any Blues’ fan does. Heck, they reminded us on the broadcast that the 20th anniversary of Hull’s 86 goal season’s coming up, which was a not-so-subtle way of saying that we’ll be having Brett Hull night #4 at Scottrade here soon. Guy’s a St. Louis hero even if he does work for the Dallas Stars. But come on, Brett – blaming TJ Oshie’s missing practice and getting suspended on his teammates? Really? How is that even legit?

Sayth Brett:

“I don’t know what the reason is, why he missed,” Hull said. “But to me, I put less blame on him and blame his teammates. When we played together … (Kelly Chase), (Adam Oates) and (Brendan Shanahan) … we took care of each other. That never would have happened. Someone would have been at his house getting him up and getting him to practice.

“So to me, I would blame more the teammates than I would him. You’ve got to take care of each other, especially that team. They’re so young. They’ve got such an opportunity to bond together and be a great team. There’s so much talent there. They’ve got to take care of each other in those situations off the ice.”

I can understand Hull’s point. Teammates look out for you, even if you’re doing something stupid like, oh, staying up late the night before practice probably hanging out with the North Dakota hockey team and showing them around the East Side*. Pick up the phone, give the guy a call, and say “get your ass out of bed, drunkie – we have practice at 10:30.”

Teammakes can do that – but do they have to do that? No. You set your alarm, you make your decisions what to do the night before a practice. These practices are part of your job, and while we’ve all had mornings after doing something stupid, a lot of us have sucked it up (literally) and dealt the next day for a hell of a lot less cash than Oshie’s making.

Everyone loves Teej. He’s a firecracker on the ice, and some call him the “emotional heart” of the team. That’s swell – but that doesn’t give him a pass to do stupid things. Patrik Berglund just innocently slept through his alarm and got suspended for that night’s game – it says something that Oshie got suspended for last night’s game and tonight’s against Detroit. Coach Payne and the brass put their foot down to foster personal responsibility. GM Doug Armstrong saying that the situation will be “evaluated further” might be beating a dead horse, but maybe the 24 year old Oshie needs that.

Yeah, teammates can look out for one another, but is it really Roman Polak’s job to call Oshie in the morning? And who would want a wake up call from Polak? Food for thought.




*Totally conjecture – no one said that Teej had a hangover or that he was out partying or whatever.

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