Blues Prospect Vladimir Tarasenko Helps Defeat Canada

I am not trying to rub this in Canada’s face. I love Canada – swell country, lots of Canadian friends, gave us hockey. The hubris shown during the World Junior Championships though had to tick off the hockey gods. I’m convinced that people who think that they’re entitled to win fail harder than folks who don’t feel that way – that (along with the fact that they played like crap) contributed to the US’s 4-1 loss to Canada on Monday night. Canadians annexed Buffalo for the tournament and the stands at the HSBC Arena were red and white for that game, and they were red and white for the gold medal game between Canada and Russia.

Blues prospect Vladimir Tarasenko decided he wanted those stands to be red, white, and blue – and not for the Russian flag. Apparently Canadian tears are his favorite tears of all.


Tarasenko capped the Russian’s rally in the 3rd period by scoring the game tying goal. The goal itsef is special, but it’s more so considering that the Baby Blue could have been the next member of the Concussion Country Club that the team’s setting up. He got hit in the head with a Canadian skate, left the game, and then came back shortly before doing this (full game highlights follow – scroll to the goal):

Not being satisfied with making the arena quieter than a tomb, he decided to assist on Artemi Panarin’s game winning goal.

Moral of the story? Next time you want to crow about being the bestest in the world at something, check behind you. Tank could be waiting to take you down.

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