Blues Keep Getting Kicked; Jaroslav Halak Now Listed As Day To Day

Here we Blues fans were, cautiously happy with tonight’s return of Andy McDonald. Sure, our last game got cancelled on account of blizzard. Sure we’re still out Carlo Colaiacovo and probably Barret Jackman for tonight’s game. And yes, David Perron’s still out. But McDonald and his giant bobble-headed sized helmet will score and add oomph to the powerplay and we’ll win and things’ll be swell, right?

Please. We’re Blues fans; we’re not THAT delusional. Our star defenseman and coach take pucks in the face during the same practice. We haven’t had a season plagued by injury and catastrophe since before the lockout. So why is something really truely not good happening to the team earth shattering? They played without an entire top line and all but two defensemen broken. The Blues can overcome ANYTHING.

Except not having Jaroslav Halak in goal.

Halak’s day to day with an upper body injury. Granted, he’s been a bit wonky this year so far growing into his starting role, but he’s still doing a good job at keeping the team in most games. Ty Conklin, though, is been having a bit of a rough go. His stats are awful thanks to a couple games where he was in net for seven goals against. He’ll be the team’s starting goalie until Halak gets back, with Ben Bishop acting as his backup. Now’s a good time for him to get on a roll. It’s not like he hasn’t been in that situation before – when Marc-Andre Fleury went down for an extended period in 2008, Conkblock hopped in and played lights out. That still doesn’t do much to assuage Blues’ fans concerns. The team’s been beaten so many times this season, and with McDonald coming back there was some hope for the team jumping back into the playoff race. That can still happen – the Blues are a streaky team, and it’s about time for another five game winning streak – but it’s going to be tough to do with the starting goaltender out.

Also odd is that there’s no mention of what happened to Halak – he has an upper body injury. Ok. That’s suitably vague – the teams never shout what injuries are from the rooftops. Apparently even the folks at the Post-Dispatch have no clue what happened or when it happened. Obviously it happened during practice, since the Blues haven’t played a game since before the All-Star Break. 

Maybe he tweaked a flipper:

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