The Blues Have Thrown In The Towel, Apparently



Actual towel.


Amazing. You know, I thought that Towel Guy was the only one who threw towels. I guess he’s a trend starter, because Saturday’s Blues were throwing towels left and right. The 5-2 loss against the Islanders was quite possibly the worst game of hockey that I have watched since the 2006 Blues decided to suck so hard they drained the Mississippi. There was no passion. No drive. No actual will to even play. I don’t know if it’s because they’re still reeling from the trades of Boyes, Brewer, and Winchester – or if they took that as ownership’s sign of surrender, so they followed that same path. There was a time at the end of the game when the camera cut to TJ Oshie, usually the team’s emotional heart out there on the ice. He looked bored. I’ve never seen him look bored. It was indicative of the entire team in that game.

These guys are out of the playoffs, yes, but they have personal pride and point sheets to play for. More importantly, they have fans that have supported them through these rebuilding fits and starts. Fans that they salute after every win. You know what? Salute them after every loss, too, because we’re putting up with them while they skate around like zombies and allow the Islanders to undress them.

Very rarely will I ever negatively compare the Blues to the Thrashers, but during the past three seasons, even 2007-2008 when they never had a prayer, I never, ever saw the Thrashers play totally devoid of emotion like I saw the Blues do Saturday. At the very least, Boulton, Slater, and Thorburn always supplied some spring to their step that crept up to the higher lines. I turned off the Blues game numb, maybe more so than they were. It was an effort to drag myself to the Thrashers game.

Honestly, I’m glad I made the decision to go to the game Saturday night. I actually got to watch an NHL team play hockey. Jeremy Rutherford had a game summary in the Post-Dispatch that ended with a quote from David Backes: “Everything is wrong. It’s not very enjoyable to be here every day.” You feel that way, David? You, who the fans have already annointed the next captain? Then stand up in the room, motivate these guys to finish with a shred of dignity, and fix it. It’s no fun when you lose, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun than getting steamrolled. The Blues didn’t lose Saturday. They got steamrolled.

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Laura Astorian is the head editor for the SB Nation blog St. Louis Game Time and has been a Blues fan from childhood. She promises that any anti-Blackhawks bias will be left at the door. Maybe.