Zach Bogosian Tries To Get P.K. Subban To Man Up

This is how absolutely hard-headed P.K. Subban is. After getting called out by Mike Richards of the Philadelphia Flyers for having little respect for the older players of the game, Subban seems to have been on a mission to get his ass handed to him on a plate. The young rookie defenseman apparently has confused his reputation from the playoffs last season as a blank check to be obnoxious and irritating to other players on the ice. He repeatedly tried to get both Boulton and Thorburn to go during the first and second periods, and almost succeeded in getting under Thorburn’s skin. His unnecessary tripping penalty led to a Thrashers’ powerplay goal tonight, and he still insisted on trying to stir stuff up. He picked the wrong guy to do it with.

After a save by Alex Auld, a scrum broke out during the third period in which Tomas Plekanec grabbed Evander Kane from behind and tried to skate away. Subban decided to act tough and grab on to someone too. Unfortunately for Subban, he latched hold of the wrong guy. Zach Bogosian doesn’t fight much, but he does when he has to – and he really gets wound up. Subban found out the hard way.

Listen, if you’re going to skate around all night and try to start stuff, be man enough to stand up and fight when someone calls you out. If you grab a hold of someone in a scrum, don’t be shocked when they turn around and try to knock your block off, especially if you grab them around the neck. Subban’s reputation precedes him, apparently, with Bogosian saying “Everyone knows who he is, his act. That’s all I’m going to leave it at.” By not being mature enough to answer the bell, Subban made sure that everyone knew that it really was just an act.

Even more hysterical was Subban trying to get Boulton to go later on in the third period.  Boults shook his head and skated off with an “are you serious?” look on his face. I’m sure it might’ve been difficult for him to keep a straight face. The cat’s out of the bag with Subban. Unfortunately for him, he’s let this charade get out of hand a bit much because it’s overwhelming his talent as a defenseman. If he wants to be known as a junior pest, that’s his business, but don’t get surprised or offended when people call you out on it.

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