What happened during the second day of the draft?

Needless to say, go to St. Louis Game Time for the draft wrap-up, and BWA as well.  If you need a pick by pick list with some statage, I do have a post up on SB Nation Atlanta that should take care of that for you.

Scads happened, I tell you.  Scads.  The first round was an almost three-hour affair courtsey of TV cameras, analysis of every single pick, and interviews with the lucky kids.  The draft on Saturday took the same amount of time to fly through the last six rounds.  Both the Blues and the Thrashers managed some solid picks (complete list of the Blues‘ and the Thrashers‘ picks each are available on NHL.com), and aside from maybe the choice of Swedish late blooming goaltender Fredrik Pettersson-Wentzel in the 5th round (128th overall) and the drafting of Chicago Blackhawks’ defenseman Kyle Beach’s younger brother Cody Beach by the Blues (awk-ward), nothing earth-shattering happened.

Ben Wright has some outstanding factoids on our newest future franchise center here in Atlanta.  The kid is extremely happy about being here.  He also never wants to go back to the KHL, because he says it’s for old farts like Jaromir Jagr and whatnot.  He also is not a huge fan of flashy Russian playmakers like Kovalchuk and Ovechkin, preferring Kozlov and Afinogenov for their responsibility and playmaking.  The player that is currently playing that he likes to be compared to the most is Pavel Datsyuk, so obviously the kid likes to think when he’s out on the ice.  Puck Padre also has a fun interview with Burmistrov, too.  The kid’s enthusiasm is infectious, that’s for sure.

Unless you count the fact that the Blues and the Boston Bruins managed a trade of players at a draft where such things were few and far between.  The Blues sent unsigned prospect  David (“V.I.”) Warsofky back home to Boston for the Bruins’ fourth-line center and RFA Vladimir Sobotka.  The Blues need a feisty player to center the third and fourth lines, and Sobotka fits that bill.  He didn’t get a chance to play much in Boston due to the logjam of players at that position, and the Bruins needed to clear space for their first round draft pick, Tyler Seguin.  Sobotka is fast and can be occasionally annoying, which is the perfect fit for St. Louis, especially for someone who has the potential to center Cam Janssen.  In contrast to Cam Smash, though, Sobotka only managed 30 penalty minutes last season, where Janssen sat in the box for a modest 190 minutes.

Cammer, the Blues’ resident smartass jokester (who is really quite more intelligent than people would assume given his role on the team), had a boatload of fun at TJ Oshie’s expensie when the Teej got a new haircut at the end of last season.  God willing Sobotka took note of that, because if he shows up at any Blues event with hair like this, I’m sure that some Cammentary will wind up in the Post Dispatch game wrap up:

You’ve been warned, young man.  You’ve been warned.

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