Well, that was surprising.

I’m not going to lie – between my amazing powers as a walking jinx and the fact that the Blues iced the Peoria Rivermen’s offense tonight, I thought that the Blues were going to lose. They didn’t, and I’m pretty happy about that. What I’m less than thrilled about is that Atlanta didn’t get it into OT to get the point that would have kept them in first place in the Southeast.

Yeah, I’m odd, I know. Anywho, a few observations:

  1. Tonight showed the entire hockey world what Chris Mason’s weakness is: high glove side. I hope that the rest of the league didn’t take notes, but the Blues totally exploited their old goalie’s major flaw.
  2. The Blues are frustrated and have got to stop playing with an attitude when they’re down. I understand the mentality behind it, but you can’t take dumb penalties just because you’re annoyed. Barret Jackman’s trip on Evander Kane is something I wish that I had on video as some thing NOT to do. Kane and Jackman kind of went back and forth a bit, Kane obviously annoyed Jax, so Jackman tried to use his stick as a vaudeville hook to pull Kane down. Just put the stick at the knees and tugged. Stupid, stupid penalty. Apparently they didn’t read Jeff Gordon’s latest.
  3. The buzz about the Thrashers has somehow managed to reach Atlanta sports fans. Amazing what can happen when college football is over. TOLD YOU, CANADA: 
  4. Philips Arena is really freaking loud when people are in it. People need to be in it more often.
  5. The Blues have a hell of a penalty kill; they need to just figure out that powerplay ASAP. Getting Oshie, McDonald, and Perron back in 10 years might help that out.
  6. The Thrashers and Blues both play waaaay too many games in December. While I love constantly watching hockey games very much, I’m worried that someone’s going to get hurt on one or both of my teams.

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Laura Astorian is the head editor for the SB Nation blog St. Louis Game Time and has been a Blues fan from childhood. She promises that any anti-Blackhawks bias will be left at the door. Maybe.