Traffic/Parking Warning For Saturday’s Penguins/Thrashers Game

No, it won’t be as bad as last night’s debacle, that saw half the crowd get there at the start of the 2nd period thanks to the Gulch and surrounding lots being full (BTW, thank you for the $20 fee to park in the lower level of the CNN Deck – if it’s like that tomorrow I’m turning around and parking topside). Saturday night might be a night to get there early and have a snack at Dantanna’s. On top of the huge influx of Penguins fans that appear at Philips, The Stand Campaign is holding an event at the Georgia Dome expected to draw 40,000 people. Plan accordingly, get out an extra bit for parking, and head down there. I’m not sure what time the event starts (I can’t find a time) but I’m sure that it’ll probably be at puck drop. Because that’s how the owners of Philips and the Dome coordinate.

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