Thrashers Win One For Pavelec

Just a quickie since I’m late for an appointment, but awesome game last night from the Thrashers. Anyone who was wondering if Evander Kane was going to go through a sophomore slump had those doubts knocked out of their minds last night with his two goal, first star of the game performance. After losing goalie Ondrej Pavelec (who is apparently fine, though no word on his condition yet), and allowing a soft goal thanks to the distraction, the Thrashers ran roughshod over the Caps, who couldn’t handle the checking and knocking about that the new guys brought to the team.

Hi, Washington, this is what it’s like when you play against a team who focuses it on being a team effort as well as who know how to crash the net. I honestly can’t see the Bolts fairing much better tonight. There’s no one on the team who can tolerate the intensity that the Thrashers brought last night. Dan Ellis is familiar with a lot of our new players, but apparently his latest problem isn’t his paycheck – it’ll be Evander Kane.

Well wishes for Pavs can be sent to him via the Atlanta Thrashers Fan Club.

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