Thrashers Sign Nigel Dawes; Get Shorter

I touched on this over at SBNation Atlanta – apparently Rick Dudley is now moving to the elderly third liners to flesh out the team.  I’m not really sure what former player Nigel Dawes will “replace,” as while Fredrik Modin has the potential to score, Dawes has never been known as a sniper.  He scored 14 goals in 66 games last season as part of the Calgary Flames, so you could see him as a MacArthur style replacement, save for about six inches.

It’s only a one year, two way, $600,000 contract, so there’s no gaurantee that he’ll “steal” a spot away from a rookie for sure, and at worst he’ll be good depth for the Wolves.   It’s not bad depth for the Thrashers to have, but we’re getting awfully croweded at the back end of the offense. Tim at BWA gives us this guestimation of the line-up (with Buff at defense):


Little – Antropov – Bergfors

Kane – Peverley – Ladd

Dawes – Cormier/Burmistrov – Modin

Some mix including Boulton, Slater, Eager, Thorburn, etc


Other than the top line and Peverley, if you see any scorers, please let me know.  If Dawes and Cormier are together on one line, Modin should start playing on stilts – and maybe he should steal a sumo suit from Thrash.  Cormier’s a tank, but he’s not tall either.

Of course, if we don’t get Bergfors signed soon, we can plunk Burmistrov down in his spot, though the wailing and gnashing of teeth from my end will be loud.  I’m confused why we can’t (or won’t) get a deal done with one of our top scorers.

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