Thrashers recall Vishnevskiy, play Moose the last game.

I’m playing for the Thrashers this year now? Color me surprised.

Quick mention – the Thrashers are recalling Vishnevskiy Kulda thanks to Kubina’s nagging injury, and the fact that they sent Chelios down to help the Wolves out.  Looking forward to seeing how the Stars’ former top prospect does.  I loved getting him in return for the Lehtonen trade.  I was shocked that we got THAT much for Kari, frankly. It’s exciting, because Kulda should have been called up to begin with.

Speaking of goaltenders, Pavelec will play against the Caps on Friday and Hedberg will get the start at home on Saturday.  Considering that Moose is our #1 this season, the 3 Stars winner, and really should win team MVP for this absurd season, this is appropriate.  That, and Hedberg always seems to like to play against his former team, and he plays well.

Can’t believe that this Saturday’s it.  Fan appreciation night, the usual STH town hall spin session with free food, grabbing the 10th anniversary yearbook, and clapping for awards.  This season’s won’t have the vibe of optimism that last season’s did, but it should.  We went from a laughingstock (though undeserved) to a team that really contended for the playoffs in spite of our difficulties this season.  I don’t consider this season a bust at all.

Actually, Vivlamore has all sorts of interesting things up today.  Antropov and White, as well as Kubina, are out for the rest of the season. Antro has been playing through a hip injury all season, which is why he would take 1 practice a week off.  It’s been a well known fact, but it’s still yet another injury that a Thrashers’ player has played through in the past 3 seasons (Kozlov and Bogosian come to mind, as does Exelby – who had a BROKEN LEG).  Considering the outstanding season Antropov has had, I can’t wait to see him healthy.  Also, Anderson intends to play Kozlov the last game of the season, which will probably be his last as a Thrasher.  Kozlov has been nothing but class and a huge asset to not just this organization, but to the NHL, and I appreciate being given the chance to give him a proper send-off.  I wish that this season’s circumstances would have been different (though I disagree with him saying anything to the Russian press in Sport Express about the issues w/Anderson, I don’t disagree with him), because the powerplay’s been a clusterfark without him.

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