Thrashers Lose Their First Player Via Arbitration

Moment of silence for Clarke MacArthur, please.  The third liner acquired at the trade deadline from Buffalo is now free to roam as a UFA.  The arbitration hearing today went well for him, with the arbitrator offering MacArthur $2.4 million dollars for a season.  The teams in arbitration are more than welcome to walk away from rulings that they disagree with, and they disagreed with this one.  As did I.  MacAwesome scored three goals and nine points in just 21 games.  Ok, not bad, but not irreplaceable – and certainly not worth $2.4 million.  Dudley is presumably more interested in locking in Andrew Ladd and Ben Eager before their meetings, and MacArthur’s place can be easily filled by Fredrik Petersson or Karl Klingberg if one of those guys impress at camp.  There’s also a large UFA pool out there to choose from for the team.  All is not lost.

Actually, most peoples’ radar probably didn’t even blip at this news.

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