Thrashers lose Little and a point.

The Thrashers are one back, courtsey of a Jimmy Slater penalty that led to a Gonchar goal, and our inability to score in overtime.  Unfortunately for ATL, this means that we’ll have to win our last 3 games without Bryan Little who hurt his left knee going into the boards during a pile-up and did not return to the game.

Hedberg was outstanding in the first two periods (the last 2 goals might have been a little squishy, but not by much), and it’s frustrating to see such an amazing performance go to waste.  It’s also frustrating to see an outstanding team game fall apart – the Thrashers didn’t fall behind until OT, when it matters too much.

Our walking wounded now include Little, Schubert, Valabik, Artyukin, and Kubina.  Armstrong has one more game to sit before he can come back – this is the worst time of the year for injuries, suspensions, and doofy penalties, and we’ve managed to get all three.

I am liking what I see from Tim Stapleton.  He’s not a big guy, but he’s willing to go to the net when it counts.  Both pieces of the Exelby trade are working out very well for the Thrashers – we could have used the other piece out there today.

Next game is Tuesday at Philips Arena.  I keep hearing about some guy coming back or something.  Was Anssi Salmela really that big of a deal here?

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