Thrashers Game Day: No one’s last home game here.

34-33-13; 81 Pts. 53-15-12; 118 Pts.

Season against Washington: 0-5-0

I’m really not going to lie here.  I’ll be watching the first hour of this game which means absolutely nothing to either team and therefore will be boring as crap (except for Ovie’s run for the RR Trophy, which is fun), and then I’ll be watching all of the Blues game, which while it means nothing to either team involved still carries some emotional value.

Congrats on the Caps’ Presidents Trophy win, though a word of warning – it’s jinxed.  Ask San Jose, though that could have been karma for them sweeping the Blues that season that we won it.  But still… tread lightly.

No Antropov, no The Todd, no Kubina, possible Kozzie.  Kulda’s your call-up to fill in for Chelios, who has been sent back to the Wolves with Stapleton to help them in their playoff run.  I won’t mention how I think Kulda should have been the original call up anyway, because that would be dwelling.

Oh.  Anyway, be sure to visit Rock the Red and Capitals Kremlin and say yello, and here’re your starting goalies tonight from

Ondrej Pavelec Jose Theodore
Season against Washington Season against Atlanta
0-4-0; 4.42 GAA, .859 SV% Has not played

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