Thrashers Game Day: Carolina BBQ.

32-30-12: 76 Points 31-34-9: 71 Points

Does anyone else have a problem with the Canes having a mascot you can eat slathered in mustard based BBQ sauce?  I mean, not a problem problem per se, but just think that it’s a bit morbidly odd?


Also surprising is that the Thrashers have won exactly 1 more game than the Canes, who started the season off just God awful, and then they mysteriously improved over the year even with their top goalie out.  How did Carolina manage this?  And, if it comes in a bottle and is legal in Georgia, can we buy it (but not on a Sunday, of course)?  You know, for a future season like last one.

The Atlanta Thrashers Fan Club has organized their second road trip of the season to the RBC Center, and I am guessing that they’re getting settled in and tailgating with the (admittedly) pretty friendly Canes fans.  Hopefully the outcome this year won’t be a shutout like it was last season – the road team has won every game in this series, so there seems to be some sort of precidence for us to do ok.

The huge list of injured players (Valabik, White, Schubert, Kane) constant scratches (Kozlov & Chelios) and rotating 4th liners has necessitated the call up of Tim Stapleton from the Chicago Wolves.  He might be best known as the other half of the Exelby hosing of Toronto.  Best of luck to the kid, because apparently he is in, centering Army and Slater.

The Thrashers held a closed door meeting this morning where they addressed some of the concerns of the past two games.  Word has not leaked out as to what was said, but the chances of it being “Guys, come on, that was Toronto,” is actually pretty high.  The pressure is getting to the team, and it really needs to look to its vets for some motivation.  Antropov and Kubina might not have gotten a lot of playoff play in Toronto, but they do have the experience.  Hedberg knows what it takes, and played very well in 2007 for the Thrashers.

It’s understandable that the young kids are nervous – heck, the fans are nervous as well, honestly.  But you have to go out, game by game, and get every point that you can.  What has turned into a potentially easy win home and home series won’t be that easy, and it’s become an absolute must win for the Thrashers.  Here’s hoping they pull it off.

Tonight’s starters, courtsey of

Johan Hedberg Manny Legace
Season vs. Carolina Season vs. Atlanta
Has not played 1-1-0; 2.5 GAA, .917 SV%

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