Thrashers agree to terms with Jim Slater, specifics to come later.

In a move that probably surprised absolutely no one, the Atlanta Thrashers have come to terms to re-sign UFA forward Jim Slater.  Slater had an outstanding year this past season, scoring a career high 11 goals and having some multi-goal games.  He’s also a solid penalty killer, good face-off guy, and someone who has always been involved with the Thrashers’ community programs.  Most recently he recieved the Gilner-Reeves award for the Thrasher most involved in the community, sharing it with Marty Reasoner.  Slater is also very dedicated to saving the environment, acting as the spokesperson for the public service announcements in Philips regarding recycling programs and plastic bottles.  He also got a thumbs up from this guy:

Anywho, Slater has stated before that he believes that team continuity from year to year is key to building a solid franchise.  Way to be part of the first steps towards that, Jimmah.

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