The Todd is no more: White Traded to Rangers

This wasn’t seen often in Atlanta last year, and probably won’t be in New York.  Sorry.

In something that of course had to happen overnight, not be confirmed until the AM, and went down when I was entirely away from a computer, center Todd White was traded to the New York Rangers today for Donald Brashear and Patrick Rissmiller. It was more than a salary dump for the Thrashers, whose fans questioned White’s cap hit ($2,375,000) and age (35).  White’s production dropped sharply from 2008-2009 to last season, where he scored only 7 goals (down from 22) and 19 assists (down from 51) in an injury shortened season.  Prospect Patrice Cormier has been talked up by both Don Waddell and Rick Dudley since being acquired in the Kovalchuk deal, and this gives the young center the perfect chance to slide into a 3rd or 4th line role out of camp.

Don’t get too excited about Brashear – he was a salary dump for the Rangers who acquired Derek Boogaard over the summer for an insane salary.  Huggy Bear was placed on waivers and if he clears will be bought out for the 2/3rds of his cap hit over two seasons.  It’s still cheaper than buying out The Todd, and we got Rissmiller in the deal.  Rissmiller’s contract hit is a 2 way at $1 million, which might seem a lot for the AHL, but he’ll work for depth for the Wolves, presumably to replace Cormier.

Aging center for $2.4 million a year… yep.  This has Glen Sather written aaaall over it.

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