The Silent Jay for Selke Campaign: Now with statistics!

Brian,also known as the one man band that is the St. Louis Blues Prospect Department on St. Louis Game Time, compiled some stats into chart form that were collected by fellow Game Timer icion which make a good argument for why passing McClement over for the Selke is a mistake. Basically, they compare Jay to last year’s three nominees: Pavel Datsyuk, Ryan Kessler, and the winner, Jordan Staal. It makes Jay look pretty damn good. Witness (chart from Game Time).  McClement was on the ice for the fewest goals allowed (the amount of GA Kessler was on ice for is fairly embarrassing for a Selke nominee), led in shorthanded time on ice (again, look at Datsyuk’s numbers – best defensive forward year in and year out, and he’s not even on the penalty kill?), did more with less per the “quality of teammates” stat, blew everyone else out of the water in faceoffs won shorthanded, and generally killed when it came to the PK. Also, he took only 22 penalty minutes all season, which is important when you’re a penalty killer. Datsyuk’s 18 makes him a candidate for the Lady Byng, not for the Selke. Kessler took so many that it’s a wonder he got so many minutes shorthanded.

Honestly, why isn’t being a penalty killing forward all but mandatory when you’re considering the Selke award? The best defensive forwards on a team are usually the ones out there on the PK. Yes, a solid well rounded forward plays defense at all times, like Datsyuk, but to specifically be considered a defensive forward, you should have a job that qualifies you. Leading all players in shorthanded ToI IN THE LEAGUE should qualify you. Silent Jay is qualified.

Even Str ToI 1056 1303 1164 1159
Even Str GA 43 44 61 45
Minutes per ESG 24.50 29.60 19.08 25.70
Shorthanded ToI 306 59 218 274
GA while S/H 24 6 21 29
Min per GA while S/H 12.75 9.80 10.30 9.44
Quality of Competition .062 .029 .030 .044
Quality of Teammates .054 .364 .020 .155
Relative QCm/QTm Ratio 1.070 0.554 0.896 0.903
Giveaways 28 73 28 31
Takeaways 39 132 83 41
Shots Blocked 52 33 73 41
Hits 66 89 95 121
S/H Faceoffs W 189 27 118 118
S/H Faceoffs L 231 29 123 148
S/H FoW % 45% 48% 48% 44%
E/S Faceoffs W 503 447 530 468
E/S Faceoffs L 470 362 429 495
E/S FoW % 51% 55% 55% 48%
Penalty Minutes 22 18 104 57
Games Played 82 80 82 82
Games per Minor Penalty 7.50 8.80 1.57 2.80
S/H Points 0 G, 2 A 0 G, 0 A 1 G, 2 A 1 G, 3 A

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Laura Astorian is the head editor for the SB Nation blog St. Louis Game Time and has been a Blues fan from childhood. She promises that any anti-Blackhawks bias will be left at the door. Maybe.